Thunderbolt Games Review SOCOM: Confrontation

Thunderbolt Games: "If people were as faithful to their significant others as SOCOM fans are to their games, there would be a lot more blissful relationships in the world today. Take SOCOM: Confrontation for instance. It was released back in October 2008 as an online-only next-gen addition to the wildly popular PlayStation 2 series. Unfortunately for fans and newcomers alike, it was an inexplicably incomplete offering, with many of the features that were promised upon release (trophies, SOCOM awards, quick match & party system) nowhere to be found.

On top of that there were a myriad of technical issues with the game ranging from horrible lag and community/stats errors to in various in-game glitches. Still, the hardcore community stayed true to their flawed partner and played away - All while patiently awaiting a gift from the SOCOM gods at Slant Six Games in the form of a miraculous software update that would put this in its rightful place as the best tactical shooter in the land. That patch has finally arrived nearly 3 months after release in the form of update 1.30 and now we are ready to dig into the finally "completed" game."

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PataponKnight3408d ago

This review is fail. The pros he lists definately outway the cons, and he expected too much from a dev like /6. "An offline training mode would have been a great addition that would keep newer players from being forced to have a trial by fire initiation to the game..." this is what unranked is for, the stats aren't official(but still are tracked) and it puts you into the combat. Socom is my fav game right now and nobody is going to change that. Hit me up: BigBaehr7.

Omegasyde3408d ago

Unaddressed Problems:
-Servers (US EAST, WEST, Japan) need to reset more often because they tend to lag.
-Frame rate still stutters randomly
-No Announcement of a map pack
-No Clan Ladders
-No Private rooms or room with password protection
-Group mode is a joke since 16vs16 lags, they need smaller quick play
-Scope drift is way to sensitive when crouching and in the prone.
-USAS automatic shotgun is perhaps even more cheap than RPGs. That gun shouldn't fire that fast.
-No ghuile suit (atleast have option like med and light armor)
-No SR25/PMN/RA 14/M40/ Uzi


-Great game to play drunk
-Great game to meet gamers (Socom community is the best in any online game PERIOD.)
-Great Blu-tooth earpiece bundled.
-More satisfying to get a kill vs. any other game.

ppisatosspot3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

As a PS3 fanboy this review is spot on and makes me ashamed to have this title on the PLAYSTATION®3. The only disagrees i will be getting are from Socom fanboys who buy anything with 'Socom' on the box. I spit on you Socom fanboys.

fllysurfer3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

The game was launched unfinished... That´s the major issue. Problem is that even with the patches it still feels this way in some areas.

Then Slant6 took too long to get that 1.30 patch out. Slowing chocking it but the game is decent now, not excellent. However except for die-hard fans it won´t appeal with all the competition out there now. It´s a niche game that does have a large fan base but this last iteration was a disappointment.

I hope that the next iteration of it isn´t plagued the same way this one is/was. There´s only one chance to cause a good first impression and SLANT6 let that slip. Which is still a shame.

The game does deserve more than 6, that´s for sure.

Come the end of Feb it´s launched in Europe... not sure if it´ll make any difference to the game being played more or not since it is as I said a niche game, the majority of followers have it already.

PirateThom3407d ago

The fact is, the only game Slant Six had made before SOCOM: Confrontation was SOCOM Tactical Strike on PSP, a game that scores 72 on Metacritic.

Sony must be absolutely mental to hand one of their best franchises over to such an inexperienced developer with a history of 1 game.

I blame Sony more than Slant Six. Slant Six obviously aren't capable and Sony should have known better.

NobleRed3407d ago

That stands for slant six. Lazy fuc..s
Game sucks ass. Sorry but you crushed the socom series.