PSLS: Ancient Wisdom with Mahjong Tales

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:
'Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom recently made its way into our beloved PlayStation Store. It doesn't venture far from what most people would expect from a Mahjong Solitaire game, but it does introduce a few interesting alternations to the traditional style of playing. For those who are unfamiliar with Mahjong Solitaire, it is a matching game using Mahjong tiles rather than cards. Tiles can only be matched if they have been exposed by removing all tiles to their immediate left or right. The tiles are all placed face up which allows you to see at least part of them at times, and this actually proves to make the game quite strategical.'

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gambare3493d ago

I expected this kind of reviews about a Mahjong title, it's a great title but not many will appreciate it.