Friday Slide: A Three-Way Fight? Not Without More Apple-Published Games

SlideToPlay writes: "Although it is technically a mobile games platform, Apple's iPhone is more often compared to portable games consoles like the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP in terms of compute power, game quality, and consumer preference. Marketers would say that it's horning into the "mindspace" of the DS and PSP, meaning that although they aren't exactly substitute goods, the iDevices are increasingly viewed as portable gaming machines that are capable of offering a similar gaming experience. I was not the first to look at the iDevices from this direction when I brought it up in STP's inaugural editorial, and there's been a steady drumbeat of analysis since then speculating on whether the portable console game is now a three-way fight between Nintendo, Sony and Apple."

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wazzim3340d ago

The PSP has radio and it has a add-on camera, in-built mic, GPS(Japan and Europe), Skype and it has a TV-tuner.
EDIT: It even has a messanger programm (gomessanger)

Close_Second3339d ago

...but the popularity of Apple's IPod range is incredible. The IPhone and ITouch are the real all-in-one devices that will lead the way for a mass market. Sit an IPhone/Touch next to a PSP and the IPhone has more 'wow' factor in terms of its slick, streamlined look and its smaller form factor.

Although the PSP has sold well, especially of late, Sony needs to start pushing more AAA titles for the casual gamer. Basically, if the PSP wants to keep the IPhone/Touch at bay it needs to become a casual gamers paradise which it is not at present.

phosphor1123339d ago

it doesn't get rid of the fact that the PSP has a video card. The iPhone can't even handle Adobe Flash. That's why Apple refused Adobe's flash player that was made for the iPhone. The usability would be utter crap to be honest.

It's simple..these three devices are for completely different features.

PSP - great for gaming and media
DS - has some good time wasters on there that will keep you occupied
iPhone - communication / media (though i personally believe psp is better with media)

Half-Mafia3338d ago

i love my iphone, only reason i play games on the iphone more then the PSP is because i always have the iphone on me because its a phone aswell. i think if Sony made a PSP Phone then i might have that.

but it will be hard to part with my iphone now with all these apps u can get.

as for the DS WTF is wrong with people they keep buying this crap. and the Wii.