Firefox 3.1: Thanks For The Memory

Firefox 3.1 is currently in its second beta release, and it already looks great. In fact, it looks set to deliver a lot more than one might expect from a typical "minor" software-update release. recently posted a good summary of some frequently-overlooked new features coming in Firefox 3.1. One of the most important of these under-the-hood tweaks will streamline Firefox's memory usage, allowing it to run faster and far more efficiently.

Firefox 3.0 already delivered major improvements in memory usage; most notably, it fixed a number of persistent, and often very annoying, memory-leak bugs. This time around, the changes in Firefox 3.1 will focus on the browser's normal memory usage, which according to this December, 2008 blog post already requires just two-thirds of the RAM that Firefox 3.0 requires for normal Web-browsing operations.

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Powertesties3409d ago

Firefox is right at the top of my browsing browsers. I do use Chrome a bit more though.

I love open source!

Blasphemy3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

Hmmm quoted wrong person...

Blasphemy3409d ago

With the "hacks" you can find on on the iternet where you change the about:config options in Firefox you can make it use less memory. I am seriously loving Firefox now that I have discovered these. I am using way less memory then I was before I made some changes and I am still browsing lightning fast.