Second GTAIV PC Patch Released

Rockstar Toronto has just released the second patch for GTAIV PC Edition. They have fixed many known issues. Check the link for a full list of fixes.

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narked3405d ago

woot game runs abit better :D

TheIneffableBob3405d ago

I'm actually rather pleased with this patch.

The performance has been improved by a good amount (gameplay is definitely smoother) and image quality is better. The water no longer looks terrible (Medium quality looks better than Very High) and the car models look better.

It's no miracle patch, but it's a start.

wibble3405d ago

Still no SLI support?

herbaldoctor73404d ago

this is why pc gaming sucks

Charmers3404d ago

SLI support is there, this is what Rockstar say in their latest patch notes :-

With the latest ATI driver (8-12 series) the game supports crossfire modes (ie. 4870x2)
SLI is currently supported after Title Update 1 is applied and Nvidia driver 180.84 is used. "

So with the first patch and the 180.84 drivers GTA 4 supports SLI as for why PC gaming sucks ? Why because we get patches ? Yeah I see what you mean it isn't like consoles get patches every five minutes now is it :-/

IllusionRSN3404d ago

The patch has made memory tweaks which ruined many mods, click here for more information,

Speed-Racer3404d ago

Oh man thanks for the heads up there. I was rly disappointed when I saw lots of stuff not working