IGN: PlayStation Network Online Report Card

IGN writes: "Confession time: we'd actually planned to do an individual run-down of specific games (in particular, older ones) to see if there were still people playing 'em after months and sometimes years past their original release date. The problem? It was a nightmare just getting some of them up and running. Firmware updates, game patches, mandatory installs... all these things combined to make for some serious headaches -- headaches that anyone would have to endure if they were playing the games for the first time, and possibly if they'd just taken a break from playing for a few months".

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Blaze9293588d ago

"That said, the PS3 is still a long way from being the online equal of the Xbox 360, and much of that comes down to Microsoft simply having a better way of conceiving and implementing its ideas."

I gotta agree with that and i JUST dont understand somethings why people say PSN is Xbox Live's equal or even yet better than Xbox Live. I have a PS3 and a PSN account, im not talking out of my ass but no one can seriously say they compare yet alone PSN is better. Its free...thats it.

HolyOrangeCows3588d ago

Sure as heck NOT $50 better.

But, MEH, how else will I play Gears online?

HDgamer3588d ago

It has dedicated servers for most major games, a movie service, games to download. I can't find a reason to pay for live, I can do that stuff on my pc too at the cost of free.

MazzingerZ3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

TODAY, you can't say "terrible download times" without providing your connection speed.

In the past 56k was the standard, today it varies a lot, I have 100M/b so should I write "PSN download times are really fast"?...I can do that as long as I provide my internet connection speed so people can judge better my do otherwise would be misleading

When I hosted matches on XBL no one suffered from lag, when I joined other people's matches, the quality ranged from bad to average

On PSN it doesn't matter and EVERYBODY enjoys of a good online experience without hunting down "Friends" with a good connection speed to host, all this without paying anything extra.

isn't that why you go online? to play the game?...don't know about other people, but seeing flying bodies and people running through walls is not exactly what I expect from a service that charges me for accessing the online components of games...

Even more frustrating when you have 100 m/b and still lag..why? because XBL allows everybody to host games...peer-to-peer can be good but if you restrict bad hosts from hosting which MSFT will never do...why? because that would turn XBL into a ghost town...

Chris3993588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

Unless I missed something, that should have been worth a grade at least.

Oh, and they mentioned "custom soundtracks", which is more of a firmware thing than "network" related.

Seems that everything about the PS3 is thoroughly examined with a fine-toothed comb. It has the highest rated and most diverse exclusives (a few JRPGs not-withstanding; oh and pick up X-Edge in March = PS3 exclusive RPG!!!), a free, functional online service complete with a virtual playground, and almost zero reliability issues.

Same thing cropped up when a review of KZ2 (by an "official" Playstation source, nonetheless) mentioned that the game wasn't "innovative" enough. What is nowadays? Everything, everywhere has been done in some respect before. The Wii is just a more marketable version of Sega's old controller. Fashion pretty much recycles itself. Movies are all regurgitated copies of previous themes or remakes. Very few things actually mark themselves as "innovative".

I just wish that the standard wasn't there with Sony. Seems like everything they do is judged to "11" instead of "10". I'm not a share-holder or anything, but some of my favorite gaming experiences EVER have occurred this gen (along with a lot of disappointments).

Heavenly Sword, Folklore, Drake's Fortune, never really got the respect they deserved in my opinion.

Critics need to stop finding reasons to "criticise". Sometimes it is the work of a critic to simply enjoy the medium that they are examining - nothing more, nothing less.

- C

callahan093588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

I agree with you 100%, Chris.

Especially FOLKLORE. That's one of my top 10 games from this generation across all platforms so far. It's brilliant in presentation, has an awesome story, really fun action-RPG gameplay w/ that addictive "gotta collect 'em all" thing going on, and has some of the best graphics I've ever seen (no joke: just play the damn game if you don't believe me how gorgeous & colorful it is, with ridiculous detail and awesome particle effects littering every area). The music is great, too. I cannot speak enough to praise that game. Seeing places like GameDaily give it a 4 out of 10 or whatever they gave it... just, wow. Utterly pathetic criticism, they don't know what the hell they're talking about.

I remember everybody saying that 2007 was the year of the 360, but the PS3 had an amazing 2007. Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, Folklore, Ratchet & Clank, then Uncharted. What a damn year that was! 360 had Bioshock, Halo 3, Mass Effect? What the hell else? And in hindsight, one of those made it to PS3, and the other (Mass Effect) made it to PC in a so-much improved way that I wouldn't even dream of playing it on a 360 again.


I prefer LIVE to PSN any day. Downloads take long on PSN, you cant compare stats with your friends unless their online on some games. If you want to talk to friend you gotta text them like some high school kid. F dat. And im no d!ck riding fanboy so get at me on any console.

oohWii3588d ago

B+, B-, B, C+ <>= B it actually equals a C+

Giving 3 points for B's and 2 Points for C's you come up with 11 points. Divide that by 4 and you get 2.7. Not a "B" where I'm from.

But, I guess the guy doing the evaluation didn't want to get his PS3 card taken away.

MazzingerZ3588d ago

Folklore was awesome, great story and use of the sixaxis...awesome creatures and visuals, beautiful game, I'm buying a sealed copy of that game just because with the time it will be a collectible

rockleex3587d ago


IGN never mentioned Xbox Live in the article so I don't know why you brought it up.

By the way, you don't pay for custom soundtracks, cross-game chat, and achievements. When you pay for Live... you're actually paying for the servers, server maintenance, bandwidth, etc.

Is that worth $50 a year? Definitely not because you can get it for free on the PC and PS3. PS3 also provides the better connection because the Cell processor helps to eliminate lag in games like Resistence 2 or MAG with 60-246 players in one room.

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Stationfan3588d ago

Now they need to make a report, on the hardware built of the new jaspers,

chasegamez23588d ago

they can kiss my a$$

DJ3588d ago

And way too many lame analogies for my taste. This statement really irked me though: "the oft-pitiful download speeds of the network as a whole can make the whole process arduous at best"

I find this really weird as I download patches within 10~15 seconds, and update my firmware within two minutes. The network hasn't been slow for me since the PS3's first year (back when PSN actually did suck). But now it's lightening quick. Maybe there's something wrong with IGN's internet connection?

Mutley4163588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

Yah XBL is better-
but if the Psn keeps updating @ this rate who`s to say how long till it`s even or worth it just to switch to the PSN for the free service-

But why do people cry about the updates& Patches-
The updates & Patches are making it better...resolving problems,glitches etc...

If you want to play a game, don`t you want to play the best version?
Make a snack, do the update...grab something good to drink, and smoke em if yah gottem, it`s almost game time-:)

Man up..."ehhh the update/patch...I`m not happy..." ...Now I`m getting a

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