Silent Hill Homecoming's Promotional Soundtrack Impressions

Better late than never. While Akira Yamaoka had gone on record saying his soundtrack for Homecoming would be available at the US launch, it wasn't until months later than the album started showing up at GameStops and other retailers across North America. This is definitely a change, as Silent Hill soundtracks have typically been released separately on Konami's in-house record label, making this soundtrack harder to get ahold of for those outside of the US.

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Megaton3615d ago

Downloaded this a couple months ago, and was really disappointed. Doesn't hold a candle to the soundtracks of 2 and 3, though the same can also be said about the game itself.

I think this was my biggest gaming disappointment of 2008, since I was actually really hoping it would turn out well, unlike some of the other horrible titles released last year.