Killzone 2 Review By OPM Netherlands

Scans and tranlation of the Killzone 2 Review by OPM Netherlands.

"They say it's thechnically amazing, they say the atmosphere is really great but GG implemented less improvements in the FPS genre.

Brilliant lightning and a many details that make KZ2 the best game graphically available for PS3. The Cutscenes are amazing.

Music & Sound
Overreacted death vocal reactions. In 7.1, Brian Cox takes the role as Visari.


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Chris3993586d ago

Can't it just be incredibly well-executed and polished?

Call of Duty 4.


Is it really innovative the 4th time around?

Ninja-Sama3586d ago

Cuz it's a PS3 exclusive...duh.

chaosatom3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

:) But they marked down 30 points because it's ps3 exclusive. But still happy for Killzone 2.

It's going to get reviewed way more unfairly by other sites, but nothing can be done about that sadly. Bias is Bias, and Halo wars to going to get a perfect 100, even though they are never going to play halo wars again, but they will keep playing Killzone 2.

Helghast Slayer3586d ago

I'm glad they hold ps3 exclusives high but at the same time it shouldn't have to re-invent anything.

Danja3586d ago

well be prepared for alot more nit-picking from other reviews..

why can't the game just be plain ole fun to play ...nopes gotta reinvent cuz it's a PS3 game....

either way good score....can't wait to play it

Sarcasm3586d ago

Agreed, this "innovation" excuse is really tiring. Halo 3 didn't innovate anything yet it got 10/10's everywhere.

thebudgetgamer3586d ago

and what about the fp cover never seen that before


Maxned3586d ago

What? Why do you people say "They rated low because its a ps3 exclusive!"

What?! Come on. Fanboys arent running a magazine. Its being run by professional editors and writers. Lets get serious here.

Sevir043586d ago

people these days just cant give the ps3 any play.. they say resistance 2 isn't innovative.. and KZ2with it's innovative multiplayer match design and break through graphics arent innovative. ^^just let them be. this Gen, because the 360 was first to the next gen market, they changed the way the media looks at games. simple fact. That was MS's plan and it's working a bit to there advantage. Sony could have the biggest most acclaimed game on the market, the media will down play it because it's exclusive to Sony's platform.

freeblue3586d ago

Kz2 isn't innovated.. it doesn't do anything new. But what it does in the areas of FPS. it has exceed every fing thing. what you think a prefect FPS should have, Kz2 not only achieved it but exceed even more in anyone's expectation.

original seed3586d ago

are complaining about a 9.1/10. WTF is wrong with you guys? Stop being a such B!tches

CrazzyMan3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

They complain about that lame "innovative" excuse in review,
like Halo 3 or Gears 2 were innovative...

BUT that probably means, that +1 (atleast) should be added for every PS3 exclusive game score, while for x360 exclusive games removed. =))

Sarcasm3586d ago

Nobody is complaining about the score. 9.1 is well deserved. Heck, even 8/10 is good.

But to use the "no innovation" excuse is stupid.

If that's the case, then every Madden game should be docked points for being "just another football game. Doesn't innovate the genre"

ultimolu3586d ago

It's a PS3 game. It has to work wonders! :o

Well...I'm very excited for this game. Feb. 27th is when the Helghast die.

ElementX3586d ago

You really think they marked it down cause it's exclusive? The review is from OPM as in official playstation magazine. Playstation mags don't care. Think before you post

Watkins3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

Well, I think I understand what he's trying to say.
Even if it's a playstation magazine reviewing they can still mark it down because its a PS3-exclusive game. Doesn't mean they are biased or anything, they're just expecting more out of a PS3-game, since that is the stronger console and should be (and is) capable of better games than the 360 from a technical standpoint (there's no denying this, really).

It is true however as they say in the comments, that they still have to review games on an equal level. It's a LOT easier for a game without hype to get great review because of just that, less hype. No one expects it to be the best ever. But if a game with great hype is reviewed, reviewers tend to review the title according to expectations, and not relative to other games (which is wrong).

Alvadr3585d ago

Why do fanboys go totally ballistic over the slightest bit of minor criticism, why do fanboys feel that they have to defend a game they have never played.

I just dont get it. They just ignore everything thats great about a review and feel offended by 2 lines of critisim.

Well in my opinion this game probebly should have innovated more instead of being just another FPS. A game that carries so much hype should live up to that hype by giving its players a new in its gameplay mechanics instead of just a highly polished environment. Makes sense really.

I get the feeling this game is going to be remembered for its graphics and not so much its gameplay.. But I hope I am wrong!

Maddens Raiders3585d ago

...why wouldn't he; he was the voice of Visari in KILLZONE..?

@Element X -

try taking some of your own advice son and ((think)); period. You're in the wrong room buttercup.

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George Sears3586d ago

Great score. I just pre-ordered my copy at Gamestop, can't wait to try the demo out and see what the fuss is all about.

Spawnofgods3333586d ago

does anyone know if the preorder demo will have multiplayer in it?

gunnerheadboy3586d ago

Probably only Single Player. I'm basing this off the PSU interview:

"PSU: Are there plans to release a Killzone 2 demo on the PSN before or after the game’s release?

MdJ : Yes, a playable single-player demo is in the works and will be released prior to launch. "

cayal3586d ago

"Great score. I just pre-ordered my copy at Gamestop, can't wait to try the demo out and see what the fuss is all about. "

I pre-ordered mine today. We don't get the demo in Australia, we got tin case thing. But I decided to pre-order it anyway and take my monthly day off on the day it comes out.

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Spike473586d ago

is not necessarily correct.

brianleppez3586d ago

Reviewing a game for what it doesn't have or does. It's like downscoring Fallout 3 for not having online component... Dude, review the game for what it has, not for what other games have...

cayal3586d ago

What FPS is innovative?

Ph1d0sX3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

high quality multiplayer with lots of options. probably tons of innovating stuff in their engine to get most out of the ps3 which will benefit to all ps3 titles eventually. Especially that light render system what lits the game super realistic. Of course I'm not a game journalist so I guess what I find innovating about this game isn't really impressive. never the less 91 is a awesome score but considering they didn't find it innovating it could easily be a 95 I think

Jazz41083585d ago

So how do you know that its inovative enough? Many reviews saying the same thing, most all coming from official ps magazines. I cant imagine what the non biased cites are going to say about is inovativeness. My point is you have not played this game, the reviewers have, so how can you doubt them is beyond belief.

StephanieBBB3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

I would say that they complained that the map design or encounters wasn't innovative enough. Maybe lots of deja'vu/boring encounters and copy paste level design.

But who knows rly...

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