Yakuza 3 - New japanese fights trailer

SEGA published a new trailer from Yakuza 3. Enjoy.

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Chris3993615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )


The testicular-slam on the railing a few seconds in was priceless. And the raise your own "hostess" section of the game is worth the purchase alone.

Skyreno3615d ago

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! I NEED THIS GAME NOW!! better come to America

kingkobra2xxx3615d ago

This game looks like a super fun open world game, with good fight mechanics , good graphics and great story. Why Sega WHY!?! Bring it to the US already.

sirbigam3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

OMFG! blown away by the fighting system in the video cause I'm 4 hours into Yakuza 1, and I'm loving the story and the fighting is getting better as I level.

It's definatley coming to the U.S. guys just be patient I guess could be a year, It will sell well there so they'll definatley bring it here no worries guys.