Is the MacBook Air a winner?

In today's modern world, many individuals want to grab the latest or most advanced gadgets to brag to other people and get more functionality with their everyday lives. Many buy expensive smart phones; others buy high-end gaming consoles whereas the more mobile person wants to buy a cool laptop.

Gen Digi sets its sights in on the MacBook Air. Is it truly a winner or does it fall just short?

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Tempist3411d ago

I like how Netbooks cost less than 1/5th the cost of a MacBook Air and have similar if not superior features. MBA FTL.

Kakkoii3410d ago

It's a Winner in innovative design, that's about it. Performance wise and price wise, it hardly holds a flame to competitors.

wibble3409d ago

It's very pretty. Designing and building something so slim is expensive in itself. As you can see from the manufacturers that have tried to create an iphone killer, it clearly isn't easy..

I'm guessing Apple aren't afraid to design and manufacture their own components. While other manufacturers use off the shelf parts and end up with something that looks generic.