$25,000 in prizes to be given away during "13 Days of Gears" promotion

Microsoft Game Studios today announced "13 Days of Gears," a special promotion that kicks off Feb. 1 in the U.S. where players can win fantastic prize packages every day for 13 straight days. Dozens of winners will be selected at random over the 13 day period to win "Gears of War" themed prize packages collectively worth over $25,000.

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MeatAbstract3613d ago

So you have to be in the US to take part in this? Shame:(

Maddens Raiders3612d ago

is this game even relevant anymore? Just wondering.

MazzingerZ3612d ago

What's so special with February? it's usually the most boring month EVER in VG history regarding releases but now: Halo Wars, GTA DLC, Star Ocean: TLH, Gears 2 promotions...

ChampIDC3612d ago

Guess they're just trying to fill in slow times. Also, they're probably trying to help promote the big fix to Gears for the bugs and exploits that drove away lots of people from the online play.

Tempist3612d ago

This is a grab at the Killzone 2 thunder. I take it they don't want to really let people know that they really don't have any FPS's coming out to fill time.

IMHO this is pointless because there's a bigger dedicated group of people who are going to go out and get Killzone 2 already. And this is a silly contest that's not going to pull as many people as they're hoping because it's the wrong catagory of people as is.

I'd like to at this time, point out any irony that will happen on Feb 13th.

ChampIDC3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

I really don't think this is a grab at Killzone 2's thunder at all. I think you're just doubting KZ2 if you think MS would even think to try to pull people away from a huge release with a silly contest. Why would anyone not buy KZ2 because of a stupid little giveaway? I think Microsoft knows that. I think they're just trying to draw some people back into the game after so many left because of the bugs and exploits. Notice that it's happening directly after the title update. Kinda obvious...

Ghyst3612d ago

it's their response to killzone 2 in feb.

Jerk1203612d ago

Scared of WHAT? Some mediocre FPS with apparently Crysis level graphics? (LOL, CRYSIS LEVEL, RIGHT!).

It's already gotten its first 8/10 and I expect alot more people downing it and seeing beyond its pretty looks.

In short, it's an overhyped piece of crap nobody except Sony fangirls really gives a damn about.

ChampIDC3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

I don't think MS is really scared at all. They'll make a profit whether they "beat" Sony in the console war or not. And I put that in quotes, because everyone can win if they're making a profit. As long as we're dishing out the money, they win, and as long as they keep putting out good games, we dish out the money.

In conclusion, you're both fanboys. Please go over there ---> if you're going to spew your fanboy crap.