The Most Intriguing PSN Titles of 2009

Not to be outdone by Microsoft, Sony seems poised to ramp up their game offerings, in not only their big blockbuster titles of 2009, but also their Playstation Network content. In much the same manner The Start Screen does not want to seem limp in the face of their esteemed Start Screen colleague Nicholas K. Game Guru who brought gamers the most promising Xbox Live Arcade titles of 2009. So without further adieu The Start Screen presents to gamers the most intriguing PSN titles of 2009.

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Snow3410d ago

Some amazing games in there! Trine is looking VERY nice as well.
But i can see myself spending just as much time on fat princess as i will on Killzone 2.

Something about that games just screams fun..


I'd like to see more PS1 and PS2 titles on PSN this year. Great list though.