Sony PSP in 2009

ExiledGamers have already previewed the Playstation 3, the Wii and the DS for 2009 and now it is time for the Sony PSP to get the preview treatment. Talk of the death of the PSP might seem premature when you see what Sony have lined up for the new year. Follow the link to see if Sony can save the PSP.

Resistance: Retribution

This Resistance game is set after the events of Resistance: Fall of Man but before the latest PS3 game Resistance 2. In this game you control a new character, James Grayson who is out for revenge after being forced to kill his own brother at a Chimerian conversion centre.

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MisterNiwa3612d ago

That.. were just two games.. but okay.. ?

What bout, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep? Final Fantasy Agito XIII? 3rd Birthday?
Just two call an additional three... :D


Well they just mean SONY... Thats not a good Line Up list, and i bet there are plenty unannounced titles for the PSP to come this year.

Cajun Chicken3612d ago

I hope so, my UMD drive could do with digesting some more quality first party games this year.

LarVanian3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

I think Sony will be announcing Motorstorm on PSP soon.
I pray we'll see a Sly Cooper spin-off this year too. And an Uncharted spin-off before the end of the systems life would be great too.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

i love my psp (had original and now have slim), but i gotta admit its pretty dead software wise.
Good thing its a PMP, among other things ;).

what sony needs to do now is :

listen to us gamers and what we want in the psp2, build it with a nice next gen screen, make it fully compatible with ps3( even more so than now). Sit back, tweak O.S., finetune efficiency. Let the money roll in.

The only thing i see setting back the psp2 capabilities, is current battery technology.

i cant wait for the psp2, its probably gonna be really sleek and sexy too... like a black f430 on black rims with a black interior.

BattleAxe3612d ago

Sony needs to stop focusing so much on the Japan market for the PSP. Its mostly Japanese games comming out. I'm not into RPGs, so I would like to see some more shooters come out.

Cajun Chicken3612d ago

also, I'd like Platformers and quality racers.

McLuvn3612d ago

No mention of Dissidia? WTF

Close_Second3612d ago

...I first got a PSP was for Gran Turismo mobile. That seems like a distant memory now. Why don't they just release Gran Turismo 2 on the PSP. At least that would be something.

Theoneneo813612d ago

im hopefully geting my psp3000 monday im looking forward to Kingdom Hearts and i hope Indiana Jones turns out to be good restiance looks great as well i do hope they announce a Little big planet game as well

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