Wii in 2009

The Wii had a pretty big year for games in 2008 even if it does not feel like that. You see, what you have to remember is that Nintendo front-loaded the year with quality releases, leaving the rest of the year pretty light on quality. Don't believe them? Well follow the jump and let ExiledGamers prove it and also sell you on 2009 being a good year for Wii.
2008 Recap

This year started off so well for the Wii with one great release after another. Those releases were:

* Mario Kart Wii - April 2008
* Wii Fit - April 2008
* Super Smash Bros. Brawl - June 2008
* Boom Blox - May 2008

All very highly rated games and all in the first part of the year. The only really big release left in the year is Animal Crossing Wii. According to ExiledGamers, the release schedule made it seem as though 2008 was weaker than it really was. Anyway, that is 2008 but what about 2009?

Wii in 2009

There are a few games coming in 2009 that look to be really good. Let ExiledGamers take you through a few examples.

Mad World

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panasonic233614d ago

man i can't wait wii got some good coming this year

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lociefer3614d ago

yayy i cant wait for mario cooking lessons , zelda gone wild , mario and luigi: how to please a woman, and mario and peach: no restrictions

WiiJunkii3614d ago

for knowing that you don't belong in the gamer zone. You can't argue with facts, and the simple fact is; Wii has got an awesome lineup in 09.

lociefer3614d ago

if u call mario games / zelda games / casual / softcore games a great lineup , then my friend , ur missing alot

WiiJunkii3613d ago

Its obvious you didn't take the time to even read this article let alone actually play a Zelda, Mario or (dare I say) casual title for Wii...

If you had you would know that first; Galaxy and Twilight Princess are pretty incredible games, and second; neither were even mentioned in this list of upcoming titles.

Just because you missed the Wii train, doesn't mean you have to hate everyone who had the sense to buy a ticket.
Have you ever stopped to consider that you might be missing out?

I have a PS3, a Wii and a PC... I'm pretty well covered.
and of all 3... Wii has me most excited for 09.

lociefer3613d ago

i had a wii , sold it , hell ive been a nintendo fan since nes , i played mario bros / 64 / galaxy / occarina / twilight , theyr good , really good , but if they stopped them at that , i mean mario was awesome , but they milkin the godamn name to infinity , mario footbal mario cookin mario drivin mario fishing , its fckin ridiculous , maybe if another zelda game gets launched i rebuy it , but for now , enjoy the casual market on the quick profet console , btw , i got 360 / ps3 / super pc / sold me wii

AWBrawler3613d ago

I recently sold my PS3 to my roomate cause i beat MGS4 and everything else of interest i already have on PC, and I found myself playing Free MMOs like ZOMG! and Shiya,more than my PS3 and 360 (Which red ringed after only 6 months) so I'm only Wii again and PC. I don't care much for the 360 and PS3 with my Power PC running crysis with its 8gb of ram and 60fps.

Wii & PC FTW!!!!

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DarkBlood3614d ago

these are wii games im looking forward to get and to note that some area already out so i guess i'll just post the list of the wii games i plan to get anyways

Most Wanted

House Of The Dead Overkill-February 17
Bikini Zombie Slayers-February
Dead Rising-january 20
Tenchu 4-feb 4
MadWorld-March 10
Conduit –march 31spring-2009
Tales Of MotherShip
Sin & Punishment 2
Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time –31Spring2009
Kirby Adventure -july 2009
Fatal Frame 4
Sonic Unleash
Sonic and Black Knight-March 10
Curse Mountain

Secondary Wanted

X-Men Origins: Wolverine-May 2009
No More Heroes
Deadly Creatures-Feb 9
Sonic Unleash
Wario Land Shake it
Star wars Force Unleash
Overlord 2
Marvel Ultimate Alliance
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion
Spiderman Web of Shadows
Spiderman 3
Red Steel 1
Red Steel 2

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