Gaming-Age: PlayStation 3 Wireless Keypad Review

Gaming-Age writes: "I'm not typically a lazy person... except of course when I'm relaxing after a hard day at work and in the "gaming mode". When it comes to communication or web browsing on the PlayStation 3, I've come to rely on a simple wireless USB keyboard trackball combo (reviewed here). It has worked well enough for the past couple of years, but honestly, half the time I forget to grab it when I sit down and power up the PS3. Inevitably, one of my friends will message me, or I'll want to quickly jump into the browser to check out something on YouTube or Gmail. I don't feel like getting up at that point to grab the keyboard, so I just torture myself with the controller and the on screen keyboard (which I've actually become adept at as a result). Needless to say I was counting down the days for the PlayStation 3 Wireless Keypad to be released".

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