Analyst: Sony have to sweeten the deal, no one understands why its so expensive

An analyst from KBC securities of Tokyo has commented that Sony has to sweeten the deal on the PS3 (in reference to free movie bundles), he also believes that no one fully understands why the PS3 is so expensive.


PS3 is the most expensive console on the market and consumers, many of whom have yet to appreciate Blu-ray, are looking for reasons to invest. Hiroshi Kamide, an analyst at KBC Securities Japan in Tokyo said, "They have to sweeten the deal a little bit. The problem with the product so far is that no one has fully understood why it's so expensive."

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TheXgamerLive4286d ago (Edited 4286d ago )

I think everyone knows why it's so expensive, that's not the question/s. It's that the cost is "not" justified. The system plays games that arguably aren't as good as the Xbox 360 or a PC, yet it's asking consumers to pay so much more. They once again over promissed so much more for consumers and saying that the ps3 will be yrs. beyond "anything" else, when in fact it's obviously not and they have an online network that's falling apart because it's not progressing in a positive way or showing it's true pathway so others have faith in making that big purchase.

So it's not the idea of why, we all know that forced Blu Ray is an expensive cost that's not optional nor needed yet as cost is overwhelming, HDMI, well it's not going to be common place in HDTV's for several more yrs. in the homes of consumers, these things were a bad idea. Sony could of done as the Xbox 360 has done and made games equal to what they've already done and not asked more than $399.99 from it's consumers as well.

The forced Blu Ray is the biggest reason for it's down fall. yes, BR movies have seen in increase in sales, but that's only b/c of the sales or freebies that were given to buyers of the ps3 units, those are also counted as a sale or sold title, most ps3 owners are going to be like most everyone else, there not going to watch more than 1 or 2 movies on there console b/c it's too expensive to blow a drive just from watching movies. i'll watch movies on my digital cable or the DVD's I have on my several DVD players.

sony isn't going in the right direction by taking away it's ps2 compatability, it's now alienating it's loyal ps2 owners who may of been wanting to cross over to ps3. this is as good a reason as any for new next gen. owners to buy an Xbox 360 or Wii instead now. In my rumble opinion, oops, I meant humble of course.

MikeGdaGod4285d ago (Edited 4285d ago )

in your post here ^^^ and 2.1 but the thing that gets me the most is this myth about blu-ray being "forced" on consumers. i'm so tired of hearing this as nothing could be futher from the truth.

THE PS3 IS BLU-RAY. it is not a option. if you want a ps3, you want blu-ray. whether you know it or not. saying i want a ps3 without blu-ray is like saying i want a black and white plasma tv. its not an option.

Lebauski4285d ago

"HDMI, well it's not going to be common place in HDTV's for several more yrs" ...

I don't know where you live, but here in germany 80% of the TVs sold in 2006 were LCD or plasma and they all got HDMI.
and if you got that new, shiny, HD-ready TV you want to see what it's capable of... maybe with bluray?

Bathyj4285d ago


Thats a good point. Although most people dont have HDTV's, maybe 15 or 20% of all TV's in the world at a guess, about 80 or 90% of TV's being sold TODAY are HD or at least LCD or Plasma SD's, so that over all rate is set to sky rocket. A good TV only last about 10 years so as people need new ones it only natuaral that everyone is upgrading. No one wants the old 480i CRT's anymore. If fact in Australia they rekon in 5 years time about 75% of people will have HDTV's. And I dont care how much people complain about BR. If you dont want to buy movies for it you dont have to, it can be purely for PS3 games, but trust me, when you have a decent TV you want some HD content to watch on it. I cant wait to see Into the Blue on BR. Mmmmmm Jessica Alba, underwater photography in High Def. ;)

TheXgamerLive4285d ago

You say, Blu Ray is not an option, So you agree with me, BR was forced, that's what I was saying, sony doesn't give you an option is BR or nothing, also regarding HDTV's w/HDMI, I said there not going to be in most "HOMES" for several yrs.

I live in the USA and no, not all or most new HDTV's as of yet have HDMI and the ones in peoples homes are definately NOT HDMI ready yet, this will be several more yrs. before this becomes a norm in peoples households.

Forced BR and HDMI not yet the norm.

MikeGdaGod4284d ago

blu-ray is not forced for two simple reasons:

1) you don't HAVE to buy it. what is sony putting a gun to your head?

2) ps3 also plays dvds, so you can always watch movies you already own. bluray movies are only for if you WANT to watch things in hi-def. you can watch any dvd,cd just not hddvd. and really, if you want to take it a step futher, if blu-ray dies, they could always put games on dvd. they wouldn't, but they could.

my thing is, bluray is not forced. the ps3 is bluray. you can't ask for a bluetooth headset that isn't wireless. you can't ask for a ps3 without bluray. it is what it is.

TheXgamerLive4279d ago

Hello, what do you mean Blu Ray isn't forced on you and that you don't have to buy it? If you want a ps3, you do have to buy it, it's not an addon, it's a madatory purchase.

get with it.

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"The system plays games that arguably aren't as good as the Xbox 360 or a PC" Oblivion anyone?

TheXgamerLive4285d ago

the ps3 version which still isn't out yet, will have had an additional yr. to build upon and it still won't contain all of the Xbox 360 content, so duhh, of course it should be better, it's smaller, less content and definately no downloadable content unless sony fixes the ps online. Also Xbox 360 gets a graphical download to fix and smooth some edges.

OK, so remember, think before yee speak.

bobbybrown4285d ago

the 360 version will not look as good as the ps3 one even with the updates and the "additionnal year" was mostly spent on porting the game and WITH downloadable content.

OK, so remember, think before yee speak.

Chagy4285d ago

dat ps3 almost bigger than him lol

True Gamer4285d ago

It was funny the first time I saw it, now its just annoying.

killercam194285d ago

blu ray aint all that hd games look alot better than hd movies the movies just look good but the blu ray thing aint that great

weekapaugh4285d ago

blu-ray can hold more data so games can be longer with no restraints on file sizes. Wonder why Gears was so short? Old timey DVD format.

Marriot VP4285d ago


gears is not shorter because of the DVD! It's only on one side of the DVD, so I REPEAT, it's not shorter than usual because of DVD

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