Sony: Hardware Change to Help Drop PS3 Price

"This move is a part of our cost saving measures, similar to the wide variety of cost saving measures we have applied with both the original PlayStation and with PS2. In time this leads to a reduction in the cost of manufacture and over time allows us to reduce the cost of the PS3 to consumers."

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TheXgamerLive4314d ago

I don't think it's the right move for sony re:the ps3. I think there's other things that they could do to help there bottom line. Fix there online and get people wanting to buy a ps3 and play online like they do w/the Xbox 360. This is just 1 of the things.

techie4314d ago

That's all coming for March with their big firmware update. Let's hope it's not a let down

specialguest4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

So they've decided to let fans in Europe and especially the UK to pay more for a lesser version? I don't know how they can justify that. Firmware upgrade or not, that's just not fair.

CyberSentinel4313d ago

Ken Kutargi says "Bend Over Europe and Australia, I'm about about to stick it to you suckers AGAIN!" then he was heard to whisper, and I quote, "...America, your next."

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