Square-Go: The Lord of the Rings: Conquest Review


"There are moments online where this stands out and is genuinely good, honest fun, but a lack of team work all round and a generally scrappy feel to combat waters down the experience. It's a shame that this is such a missed opportunity, as the foundations are here for a truly great multiplayer experience. Pandemic do like their sequels though and it will be interesting to see what improvements could be made to the template if one ever sees the light of day. It's fun, but unfortunately, not forty quid of fun."

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Fr0ZzZeN3614d ago

Dont touch it. Everything is wrong, the pointless and repetitive combat, the unbalanced classed, the idiotic level design and the horrid visuals make this game a huge disapointment to LOTR fans

UNCyrus3614d ago

It's really sad... It looked so promising in trailers...

goflyakite3614d ago

I'm a huge fan of the movies, I've only played the demo but I was pretty let down.

It could have been so awesome.

Nevers3614d ago

... but I'll admit I didn't really get too much into it. And don't have the time to really go back lmao... I was gonna be buying this; but, now I will proly be renting matter what so I can play thru the apparently "official" alternative storyline provided for winning the War of the Ring for Sauron. Too bad it's really been pann'd critically... I was genuinely looking forward to this.