Nintendo Wii: What's in store for 2009?

In 2009 Nintendo is hoping to continue the momentum and have yet another profitable and groundbreaking year, but what can gamers look forward to?

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Product3584d ago

my top 5 im looking forward to before june is
Punchout(my fav nes game)
The Conduit
House of the Dead Overkill
Sin and Punishment 2
Monster Hunter is right behind.

barakiu3583d ago

my top 5.

1.Pikmin2 (new play control)
2.Little King's Story
3.The Conduit
4.Metroid Prime (new play control)

also games that score above a 7 are worth a rent, games that score above an 8 may be worth a purchase....that's may'be hundreds GameCube games and Wii games combined to look into in the future.

addnewman3584d ago

do u think punchout will use motion plus? it would be amazing imo if it did as long as people dont just go crazy like with wii sports boxing

Product3584d ago

honestly i dont think it really needs motion plus.........i mean its not going to be realistic and if its anything like the other Punchout games there will only be like 4 moves left/right jab, left/right body punch,dodge and star punch.This game is more about finding the bosses weaknesses then actual boxing.Im just really excited because its my favorite nes game(that and Metroid).So this being the latest update in like 15 years in the franchise is a big deal for me lol.

Voiceofreason3583d ago

You forgot one Product. One version had 2 special moves, You had the big uppercut and then one that had you throwing a flurry of punches. Anyway I agree though no need for M+. For a true arcade experience they shouldnt rely on motion for every single move. Let me do it for the specials or maybe in the training modes but keep the fast paced game play motion free for longer usage.

panasonic233584d ago

damn wii got some awesome games in 09

FarEastOrient3584d ago

Can big N make a Wii Vacuum? This is so that I can guide the vacuum to clean the dust off my Wii with control of the Wii controller.

Gitaroo3584d ago


Sing and Punishment 2

for me

Hiruma Youchi3584d ago

Resident Evil aka Biohazard Remake.
Tales of 10 aka MotherShip
Mariokart 2
Monster Hunter G and 3
Dragon Quest X

and many others

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