Lost Planet to Cost $150-200 Million to Make?

Capcom's "head of character contents business" Toshihiro Tokumaru was interviewed by his company, and while he talked a bit about the "Resident Evil" franchise and upcoming Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, he made a big reveal about Warner Bros. Pictures' big screen adaptation of Capcom's Lost Planet:

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Jamegohanssj53584d ago

NO! Game was garbage, so I expect the movie to be the same.


IdleLeeSiuLung3584d ago

Lost Planet was a great game. To each its own I guess....

ThanatosDMC3584d ago

Great action game. Not so good story but acceptable. Last upgraded mech you get becomes somewhat of an Orbital Frame (ZOE) though, but with terrible controls.

jadenkorri3583d ago

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solidt123583d ago

Lost Planet was really good, You probably didn't even play it. With a movie budget like this the movie will probably be a Sci-Fi hit.

Tempist3583d ago

The producers are aware that there wasn't much of a strong story to the game correct? Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy Japanese games with their quirky stories, but I also remember that nearly every capcom videogame to movie addaption has turned out really really bad.

Who still remembers Street Figher with Van Damme?

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_Q_3584d ago

They're BS'n Im not gonna fall for that load of hype.

poopface13584d ago

THat seems like a huge waste of money. Its not like the game even has a fanbase. It was a rental for me. What I remember most was the last boss fight which was really cheap. Not to mention It completely changed the mechanics by changing you slow robot in to a knock off jehuty(without the COC-pit).

I dont think they will make money off it unless they can trick people who dont know that its based on a video game. Thats not likely

outlawlife3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

this game was hug in japan for some reason, anytime you played online it was always a bunch of japanese people

and honestly for a big time special effect movie that isn't that much

spiderman 3 cost something like 250 million to produce, the alst pirates of the carribean was around 300 mill, dark knight was around 190 million, iron man was 140 million

i dont doubt that figure one bit, 100 million for a movie that is guaranteed to have a lot of highend cg in it is actually not that much

outlawlife3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

your point being?

if Avi Arad is the producer they have serious bank to play with, he does all of marvels movies

he also owns the film rights to mass effect and a few other games, the guy is taking games to the movies like comics have been for the last few years

given his list of credits i'd say hes been rather successful

bunbun7773584d ago

Outlaw life--you got your shi-- on lockdown.

Maybe its the avatar, but once again you bring the realness to N4G.

pwnsause3584d ago

the game wasnt so bad, but it could of been better.

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stix0793584d ago

i thought it was a top game.

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