Coming Attractions: Killzone 2

Softpedia writes: "Is this the PlayStation 3 shooter to get? When the original Killzone was released, everyone, including Sony, called it a "Halo killer." When the game was launched for the PlayStation 2, it received mixed reviews. It was certainly a good first person shooter that put the players in the combat boots of a series of International Strategic Alliance soldiers as they battled the Helghast, an offshoot of humanity who hated their cousins, on a distant planet. The game received a sequel on the PlayStation Portable, called Liberation, and fans and PlayStation 3 players are getting ready to welcome the release of Killzone 2."

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BGDad3587d ago

PICK UP YOURS NOW SO I CAN OWN YOU ONLINE! Whooo Hooo its almost here!!!!!!! Im so stoked...

There would have to big a mighty big meteor to keep me from getting this game...

Man can not wait.. Havent loooked at most videos and have kept a rather low expectation, after all its still a game..

Everything I have seen I love, the online classes, the single player intensity.. Frigin awesome!

Hopefully it sells well because it appears thus far they did a great job.. If you have a Ps3 pick it up to support the Ps3 in general...

poeo3586d ago

neither Sony nor Guerrilla Games ever called the original Killzone a "Halo killer".

that sort of hyping was done by journalists, etc.

Bathyj3586d ago


This article done right lies.

furymasterzero3586d ago

All these Killzone 2 postings are painful... I want this game now!

Juevani3586d ago

whats so great about Halo besides the sales numbers?? which is importent for developers and companies and not us gamers.. the graphic was ok nothing mind blowin and the story fell apart, nothing new and master green is still green.. comn, appriciate Killzone 2 for the game it is and enjoy it, it has nice graphic and the gameplay is fun.. Let Halo be Halo for Halo fans and Killzone be Killzone for people who want to enjoy it.. I hate the gaming madia now adays nothing usefull comes out outta their mouths..

-GametimeUK-3586d ago

Allow me to explain!

Great campaign mode... Coop... A bunch of hidden items scattered through the campaign for you and your buddies to find adding replay value... Online competitive, Forge and the ability to take vids and snapshots...

The game has a bunch of great modes and options to tweak with... The gameplay is distinct with its own feel that can hardly be matched by any other FPS game... The world is immersive, the visuals are amongst the BEST this gen (artistically not technically)... Everything just plays out nice and smooth and the scope of the battles are epic...

Online is simply amazing... A bunch of game modes, great stat tracking, brilliant level design and weapon placement... Halo3 is a must have package for any 360 owner since its easy to play but hard to master...


thor3586d ago

I'll second Gametime's comment - though I disagree with the visuals comment. The gameplay is distinct, but this doesn't make it BETTER than any other game.

What makes Halo 3 special is the sheer number of features. "A bunch of hidden items scattered through the campaign for you and your buddies to find" is not what I'm talking about, though. That's pretty standard as FPSs go. I'm talking about the co-op, the split-screen online, Forge, online features, the list goes on. Other games always seem lacking in comparison; though they might, on their own, have better individual modes. E.g. as co-op goes, we know there are much better games out. As graphics go, we know there are a lot of better games out. As single-player campaign goes, there are better games out. The whole package? There's nothing really. Maybe CoD:WaW - but it still doesn't have as many features.

But I still agree "Halo Killer" should be a banned phrase. Nothing's going to kill Halo, because Halo is Halo and there are people who will like Halo even if a far better game comes out.

Mr_Zkaar3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

Halo 3 is like having to suck Sh*t through a straw, you were told it would be chocolate milkshake, so you bought it. And since you have it now, you just got to make do, but it tastes nasty....

FPS's after February will be compared to KZ2, people will say is it a Killzone 2 Killer.

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