GamePro: Xbox 360 2009 Games

GamePro writes: "Master Chief's first-person shooting trilogy has come to a close, but the real-time strategy battle for the universe won't begin until this Xbox 360 exclusive hits the ground. The events of this overhead tactical epic occur over 20 years before John-117's video game adventures get rolling, but you'll command lots of familiar UNSC and Covenant assets, including crowds of Warthog-driving Spartans, who haven't yet had their numbers decimated, and fleets of Banshees and Wraiths. There are also brand new units that you've never seen before, like the airborne UNSC Vulture missile fortress, and you can recruit a friend to help you double-team the crafty A.I. crowds. "

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Monchichi0253405d ago

2009 is def. looking like a GREAT game for gaming on the 360!! Yes, yes,...the PS3 has a better line-up; but as a casual gamer, I don't really care!! There is more then enough Great multi-platform games to keep me personally satisfied. I mean, I honestly only bought 9 games last year and that was more then enough to keep me satisfied! Just RE5, Street Fighter, NBA2k10 and Halo 3:osdt will take 90% of my gaming time this year. All other games like I am alive and Ninja Blade will just be icing on the cake!

Props to KillZone 2 tho, game looks sick!!