Gameplay Monthly: Prince of Persia Review

Gameplay Monthly writes: "Let's go back to 2003, when Ubisoft released Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, and changed platformers forever. The fantastic design, the excellent controls, the exciting combat, and the fairy-tale story all came together to create one of my favorite games of all time. Two sequels then followed: Warrior Within, with redefined Sands of Times' gameplay, but unfortunately added in…Godsmack and an emo/generic Prince. Finally, the Two Thrones brought back the fairy-tale story and made the Prince likable again, but failed to redefine the gameplay much and threw in some hit-or-miss chariot races to boot. Even the Dark Prince segments felt like Castlevania rip-offs. Still, Two Thrones ended the trilogy on a high note, and it seemed the Prince had retired for good. Well, while that Prince is still retired, Ubisoft's first next-gen Prince Of Persia introduces us to a new Prince with an all-new storyline and an all-new beautiful sidekick! Is the magic still there?"

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