GTAIV: Lost and Damned - 2 New High quality trailers

Rockstar Games published two new high quality trailers from The Lost and Damned featuring two members of The Lost bike-gang. Enjoy.

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Mandaspt3527d ago

This DLC seems to me better than I thought.

Blaze9293527d ago

I cant wait. Improved bike physics? Thank god. Anyway for $20 this is a steal for what we're getting and its only the first of two.

BlindMonkey3526d ago

All i want is to fly a plane like in San Andreas and better guns

Serjikal_Strike3526d ago

I wouldnt bother with the bikes ...i would ditch them and go find a car instead...I'd buy it if it came to the ps3..just to try it out!
I've spent 20 bucks on worse sh1t

Supercalifragili3527d ago

It was me or the graphics are a little bit worse than the original game?

Why dis3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

The opposite stated by all the previews and my own eyes.
Check the screens not this broken video.

Mandaspt3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

It´s you. I think the graphics are on par with the original game. it seems you suffer from the PS3 syndrome.

Xbox Street Gang3526d ago

I agree, the graphics look downgraded.

ph3lid3526d ago

yeah man, it's just you

Marquis_de_Sade3526d ago

Hmm, what glasses are you wearing? I have heard the new range of fanboy lenses make things appear not quite what they actually are.

Sarcasm3526d ago

Actually the graphics looked slightly improved to me. Doesn't have that weird dithering effect anymore. Or at least I cant tell from those trailers which is a good thing.

I'm wondering if publications are going to review this DLC as a full game? With a score to boot.

Why dis3526d ago

Dissagree? Rockstar updated the new content(locations) and cutscenes lol.

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Supercalifragili3527d ago

I don´t suffer from nothing, it´s my opinion Ok?

Dave20013527d ago

This is going to be better then Killzone 2.

Mandaspt3527d ago

Why comparing Killzone 2 with this game?

BGDad3526d ago

Xbots are really reaching now a days... Reallyyyyy reaching... Thanks for the laugh.

**I was going to disagree with you but it was such a retarded statement I dont even need to.

TheColbertinator3526d ago

Why is he comparing Killzone 2 to an expansion pack DLC?

The trailers look good.I hope a turf war mode is activated

GiantEnemyLobster3526d ago

And they're only found on XBOX 360! sorry PSbabies, no exclusive content for you.

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rehan3527d ago

this dlc rocks by looking at the characters and the Environment and all the gang frenzy going . they could have implemented in the original gta4 and skip niko and expand the story , what rockstar is thinkin man nevertheless , came late but this sh!t iz gona rock .

diefor3527d ago

I don't think so. Because the main character is totaly diferent from the GTA IV background story.

Mandaspt3527d ago

Rockstar thinking in making money, that´s the truth.

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The story is too old to be commented.