Wii polling finally hacked after weeks of failed attempts!

Arguably one of the most sought after hacks in console gaming right now is the ability to vote more than once on Wii's Everybody Votes Channel. So it's no surprise that everyone on the information super highway has been tirelessly working to fool the system. Well, the wait is finally over!

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ChickeyCantor3984d ago

why would you wanna do that?

wolfgang3984d ago

Because you can :)

No seriously if too many people abuse of it, Nintendo will need to fix it.

anthonsh3983d ago

Sounds like a joke to me.

nphp3983d ago

Inaccurate... the YouTube video linked at the bottom of the joystiq post shows that advancing the clock forward one day will only let you SUGGEST a poll question twice, not actually vote twice.

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