An in-depth look at all 15 films that influenced the Metal Gear Solid series

Hideo Kojima made headlines by announcing 15 films that influenced the Metal Gear Solid series. Some of the chosen movies range from obvious (Goldfinger) to obscure (Bourne Identity), but fear not readers! Gamer Limit takes an in-depth look at each of the films Mr. Kojima chose, and why he may have chosen them. Any spoilers outside of a general plot outline will be marked within the analysis. If you love the Metal Gear series, or classic films, this is a must read.

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meepmoopmeep3616d ago

the best part out of the entire MGS Universe
was the abiltiy to grab nuts and twist them
the whole covering of statue "part" was just a bonus



chrisjc3616d ago

Oh man. The MGS series certainly has many rewarding moments

meepmoopmeep3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )


it is the Easter Egg emperor of gaming
and all the quirky jokes and stuff are just awesome

a lot of people might not like the tons of codec convos
or tons of lengthy cutscenes
but i love them

kaironn3616d ago

Nice catch on the "Great Escape" codec convo in the article. Kojima certaintly does have a great taste in film, and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

PirateThom3616d ago

I think now I realise why Kojima didn't pick Escape from New York.

Everyone already knows he's a fan of it, he wanted to give people an insight into other films.

chrisjc3616d ago

He did make a lot of choices that specifically had to do with cinematography achievements, so it's understandable to leave an obvious choice out.

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