Rumor Killers: Dead Rising 2, Gran Turismo 5 &Tales of Vesperia PS3

Dead Rising 2 details. Gran Turismo 5 in 2009? Tales of Vesperia on PS3?

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cain1413220d ago

GT5 ftw!

Should be a fun one for sure...

Danja3220d ago

GT5 will be amazing...really hopes it actually makes it out this year

Dead Rising 2 will be great also..

cmrbe3220d ago

i rather Sony polish GT5 even more and release it in 2010 as 2009 is good as is imo.

ThePimpOfSound3220d ago

Dead Rising 2 FTW: An excuse for me to actually play the series for real this time.

cain1413220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Only if they fix that save feature... TOO annoying...

N4PS3G3220d ago

Totally forgot about dead rising 2! Can't wait!

dannyhinote_133220d ago

Really hope GT5 will be out this year...I'm in the mood for a racing sim.

SirLarr3220d ago

I actually really liked the save structure in Dead Rising, made everything much more consequential.

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