The day my PS3 died: Is this a bigger problem than we thought?


'Video game enthusiast, deep, loses his PlayStation 3 to the console-devil. This is the first part of his story.

We all know the reported early unreliability of the Xbox 360, with many gamers struck by the infamous red rings of death (RROD) once, twice, even three times. The problem resulted in Microsoft extending the Xbox 360's warranty to three years, possibly costing them millions in repairs and replacements.

So how about the PlayStation 3? The failure rate for the console has been predicted at around 1% (the Xbox 360 is presumed to be around 16-30%), below the tech industry standard, but its reliability has recently come into question.

Firstly, my PlayStation 3 died...'


Hi peeps. I'm going to be doing an update on Monday for them...I'll just say though that I'm quite happy :)

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techie3584d ago

I wrote this for 'em guys, so you know I'm not a PS3 troll.

Pennywise3584d ago

Sorry for your loss. I read it because you wrote it...

I get nervous every single time the PS3 freezes. Fallout 3 put me through hell.

I am way past my warranty, but I would gladly shell out $150.00 to get it back quick. Usually the warranties are 90 days.

I think Sony should of had a 3 yr warranty.

IdleLeeSiuLung3584d ago

Reading your report makes me cringe. My PS3 has frozen on me a number of times in the same manner you describe.

So far no flashing red lights yet....

Nineball21123584d ago

This is mainly happening with the 60gb models.

I think I read something about the type of solder used in them?

But it might also have something to do with the fact that the 60gb models are the oldest ones too.

Anyways, sorry this happened to you.

staub913584d ago

My launch 60g PS3 broke two weeks ago.

I played the heck out of it so its no surprise to me it died.

My replacement is running great though.

3584d ago
Kleptic3584d ago

yeah I beta'd Warhawk and Killzone 2...and both of those betas would freeze my PS3 every couple hours without question...and I would nearly shat a brick each time until it rebooted fine...hope it stays that way...

good article you said, there is no evidence of more than 1% of PS3's being faulty...a large number of Wii users are reporting disc load problems too...and it may sound like a lot when you browse through Youtube seeing all the videos...but there are over 40 million Wii's out i'm sure its 'in range'...

I hear conflicting reports on what this yellow light thing is...some say its the BD drive...some say it occurs from a corrupted firmware...both of which involve support from Sony yeah, if you can, let us know what you come up with...

BrianC62343584d ago

"yeah I beta'd Warhawk and Killzone 2...and both of those betas would freeze my PS3 every couple hours without question...and I would nearly shat a brick each time until it rebooted fine...hope it stays that way..."

Do you think that just maybe you had those problems because you were playing betas? Betas are versions of games being tested for bugs. If your PS3 runs finished games fine but crashes on betas then I'd say your only problem is you're play betas.

TheTwelve3584d ago

Sorry for your loss, man. While PS3s breaking isn't endemic like it is with the 360, every console will have dud copies. I hope you get yours replaced soon enough!

I've never had a broken PS3, but a 20g that I gave away to someone did die on them eventually. I currently have a 60g that shows no signs of letting up.


BigPappaPump3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

I feel your pain and frustration Deep. I myself a former victim of YLOD 2 months back. Unfortunately I had to cough up $150 for a refurb. I can't help to feel extremely cautious with my replacement believing it can happen again after each boot up.

Parapraxis3584d ago

Yeah, it's a bit of a problem with 60GB PS3's.
Here's a link to the official PS forums to give an idea.
There were currently 1,153 members online, the forums are huge, so 258 people having the problem isn't suprising.

I'm posting this to give a good perspective of how widespread the problem is and the info in the link is helpful.

Typical from a PS3 fanboy huh voiceofreason?

mugoldeneagle033584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

I know half the people on here will disagree with me, so check my comment history to see that I indeed do love my PlayStation 3, or loved.

My 2nd PS3 died just last week...

I was playing Socom and my system shut down abruptly...No power down, no screen freeze, everything shut completely off and I was left with the Red Power Button blinking. When I attempted to turn my system back on, it powered up but the Green Light (Power), went to Yellow, and blinking Red once again within 2-3 seconds...

I'm opting to purchase my 3rd PlayStation 3 next Friday and I'm hoping this one lasts a bit longer than my first two.

1) 60GB Launch PlayStation 3 - November 26th 2006-November 3rd 2007
2) 80GB Best Buy Warranty Ex. - November 3rd '07-January 14th '09
3) 3rd Playstation 3 - ________ - ____________

And for those wondering my first Playstation died altogether. No blinking lights, nothing. Wouldnt even turn on.

Now I'm not saying it's Sony's fault or poor development, because I'm pretty rough on my system...Not in a physical way (PS3 Stands atop entertainment system with plenty of space to breathe), but it's on every day for at least 9-10 hours at least.

Anyways, if your an avid gamer like myself at least have a backup plan for when the day comes, IF it comes....

Wish me luck on my 3rd : /

Information Minister3584d ago

Even after nearly 2 years and quite a few 12 hour gaming marathons it just keeps on smiling.

BTW there's a slight incorrection with your article: where it reads "We all know the reported early unreliability of the Xbox 360", it should read "We all know the reported continued unreliability of the Xbox 360".

shovelbum3584d ago

I had a PS3 die last Spring so I swapped it out at BB and so far so good with the new one. For the record my launch 360 and Halo version have not RROD'd yet but I practically keep them in a freezer. You could hang meat in my house on most days.

gaffyh3584d ago

My PAL 60gb is fine, I've had it since launch. Maybe I'm just lucky, but it seems like most PS3 failures seem to come from people not taking care of their console properly.

ThanatosDMC3584d ago

A bunch of people got their PS3s screwed up by GTA4 when it first came out without any patches. It was suggested that if a game start freezing up. It's best not to play that game till they fixed it.

Kleptic3584d ago

@ Brian...

no it was definitely the beta's...I understand that...was just saying it still freaked me out every time it happened...a hard reset can still corrupt stuff on the HDD...and since the firmware of a PS3 is stored on the HDD (I am not positive on that, never saw any confirmation...just assuming that all these problems are said to be due to corrupt HDD's) can still mess stuff up potentially...

I get freaked out every time I update it too haha...I worry that a power surge will kick off the system while its installing the new date...which = maybe its just me...

so far so good though...knock on wood...but I was really excited for Warhawk and killzone 2...and the beta was worth it even though I would want to slaughter someone every time it froze...killzone 2 had a server side update for phase 3 of the beta that almost entirely fixed the freezing it was definitely related to the online code of the game, not the actual game itself (as there was no client side update), or my physical ps3...

those might be the last games I actively try to beta though...probably doesn't get much worse than having a PS3 get destroyed by freezing on a game you are desperately waiting for...

Real Gambler3584d ago

This guy gives all the numbers.... 20 million install base (I think it's a bit less), then 350 failures, then another 50. Industry standard is about 3% failure rate per year on ANY electronic product (he is bang on). He then goes on to say that Sony seem to be about 1% which is better than the industry standard.

But in this blog, he worry about those 400 consoles, which amount to 0.002% failure rate over 2 years. Not even close to be a serious problem, yet, sure enough, his blog becomes NEWS...

Technically, if they really really have a 1% failure rate (which would be totally absolutely awesome!), and they are reaching close to 20 millions console sold over two years, we are talking about 400,000 thousand consoles who died in the last 2 years. But 19.6 millions consoles that are still working wonderfully. With so many electronic parts, that's seriously awesome.

Now, with the typical 3% industry standard, (your typical DVD player, TV, etc), that would become 1.2 millions units dead after 2 years, if they would have sold 20millions tvs, or dvd players... And you would not hear about it because that's what people are used too. In real numbers, that's usually about 1 million unit sold over 3 or 4 years, and at 3%, about 90K dead after those 4 years. End of production, new model are out, nobody knows or even complaint (and those appliances may only have 90 days warranty!)

So, sorry, but I do find it funny that with the numbers he is splashing, the trouble he is talking about means 0.002% failure rate! This will bring in tons of comments on N4G, but to me, he is saying that the PS3 is truly awesome!

Bnet3433584d ago

Glad my PS3 has never froze. I never think about it failing. I just play without worrying. Same for my Xbox 360. If it breaks, it breaks. Tough luck. :/

BattleAxe3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

I own 2 - 60 gig PS3s and the first one I bought in February of 2007 got the Yellow Light. Luckily I had bought the 3 year extended warranty from Future Shop. This happend just before christmas.

But my PS3 got used almost everyday, so it was extremely well used. Since its practicaly a launch model, you kind of have to expect that its not going to be perfect. You'll know if you're going to be at risk of getting a yellow light if your PS3 starts to freeze on a daily basis like mine was.


What you described happening to your PS3 is exactly how it happened on mine. I was playing CoD: WaW and then it shut down. When I tried to power it back up, the green light would come on for a second and then a yellow light, then it would beep 3 times and shut down again. I tried to turn it on at least 15 times. Then I googled the PS3 Yellow light and saw that its basically total hardware failure.

va_bank3584d ago

I'll do better then wish you luck:

When you pick up your next PS3, buy a surge protector. If your first died completely (no lights) you fried your power supply. These things, just like all computers, are sensitive to changes in current. Variations in current (surges OR dips) can kill power supplies.

Buy a surge protector.

phosphor1123584d ago

that Sony is temporarily replacing broken PS3's that are out of warranty. I think it was on N4G.

Sarick3584d ago

This is a power issue from what I heard.

dantesparda3584d ago

Rip me apart. But i gotta say, that after the DRE errors of the PS2 and the complete and utter failure of the 360s reliability, things like this have got me both nervous and uncomfident about these systems reliabilities. My sisters PS3 which is a MGS4 bundle system (so the 80GB with partial BC) just broke (it wont stay on anymore, it'll just automatically keep shutting itself off). And truthfully all these stories of the system failing to read Blurays anymore or just outright failing got me shook. Now i have gone through the 360s problems MANY times (im on my 5th replacement 360). And truthfully, i feel that not only is a 1 year warranty not enough, but heck even a 3 year warranty isnt enough. I think that a 5 yr warranty should be mandatory for these systems, giving all these unreliablities associated with them (not to say that the PS3 is as bad as the 360 in terms of reliability).

If my PS3 dies on me, there is no way that I am paying sh!t for it (just like with my 360). And Sony will lose a good customer, as I buy most of their exclusives and encourage people to do so also. So i hope Sony gets this under control soon.

Agent VX3584d ago

I really fail to accept a 1% failure rate. I have 5 people I know that have a PS3, and 2 of them have had their PS3 fail. They both had their consoles replaced fairly quickly, but the failure rate is definitely worse than people think. Including me, that is a 33% failure rate, though I don't believe it is close to that number.

I haven't had many problems besides the odd freeze, but my PS3 is beyond the 1 year warranty. And getting a replacement PS3 will be very expensive.

AuToFiRE3584d ago

I believe we should all write Sony about our next-gen console with last-gen problems

3584d ago
IdleLeeSiuLung3583d ago

I don't know, my PS3 is rock solid when it comes to hardware quality. However, so far my PS3 has frozen on my numerous times and I have the 40GB 65nm version.

I use my PS3 considerably less than my 360 (1:5 ratio at least) and the PS3 has frozen on me more. I wish they would make the software more stable....

All of you that somehow find a way to disagree with my personal experience go ahead.

KnowitAll3583d ago

Funny stuff funny stuff.

So Xbox gets the red light before dying and Ps3 gets the yellow light.
I hope wii gets the green light.

Consoldtobots3583d ago

sounds like nothing more than a bad batch of consoles, I know because I had my launch 60gb die on over a year ago. I used to leave it folding overnight and one morning the focker was not dead per say but would freeze every game and even the xmb was glitchy. They sent me another one and it has worked fine ever since. That is completely acceptable, what isn't acceptable is a company who still hasn't fixed major issues with their console in its 4th year on the market.

NickIni3583d ago

"Including me, that is a 33% failure rate, though I don't believe it is close to that number."

Lol. If it was as big a problem as that loads of people would have had their PS3s break and there would be articles everywhere about it, just like the RRoD.

Jacobite3583d ago

Saying nothing to jinx anything lol. My launch 60gb PS3 has had no probs since day 1, and our PS2 is 7 years old. On another note on our third 360 : ( ups and downs eh?

Scottama3583d ago


You moron!

The failure rate is based on MILLION of consoles. The larger the study, the more probable it is to be correct, relevant, reliable, accurate and statistically significant.

You know of 6 PS3s. Two just so happen to have broken, so you quote a 33% failure rate.
If you were the ONLY person you knew of who owned a PS3, and it broke, would assume a 100% failure rate? Of course not, that'd be stupid.

Maybe in your tiny, insignificant case study, the failure rate is 33%. But Sony's (and other evaluators) case studys cover millions. So perhaps they're more qualified to comment.

Just as an aside... in your group, the lowest possible (non-zero) failure rate would be 17%. Not exactly precise, is it... You have 7 tiers of failure rate (0, 17, 33, 50, 67, 83, 100), but once again, Sony have millions,

So stop spewing arrogant, and wrong, bullshit. And maybe just THINK about what you're typing before you hit "Add reply".

Good day, sir.

Parapraxis3583d ago

"200 ppl out of 1200 isnt a lot? That is more than 1%.. Keep that spin up Sony guy... Why are you even denying it? It isnt like its a bad thing to be a fanboy. Everyone has their preference. I personally love the PC and no console will ever take its place. I have no problem admitting it. "
lol, There were currently 1,153 members online, that is NOT the total members total of the forums...OBVIOUSLY! There are that many people ONLINE at any given time when you visit the site.

jonondaspot -
o parapraxis, thats the total people that claim to have a loss.
Yeah, because many people go through the process of signing up to forums to claim they had their PS3 break huh.

DaTruth3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

AgentVX is a rabid PS3 hater so you can't even take into account what he's saying. Only huge 360 fanboys know so many people with broken PS3s.

zPlayer3583d ago

My ps3 died the beginning of this month from normal use. the light was sereal and almost turned me off to video games. i really love LBP. deep i hope the you'll be able to get more out of calling support than i was able to. I'll be ever so greatful if by your article you'll get sony to something for the faithful gamers who bought their ps3's at launch and then got the YELLOW DEATH like me. ;'(

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Chris3993584d ago

Froze on me once, only, when I was playing Enchanted Arms.

Probably disgusted that I was actually playing Enchanted Arms; it was trying to save me, really.

Runs like a champ otherwise.

- C

BrianC62343584d ago

I bought a 60GB back in Jan. 2007 also. I think I had Resistance lose it's game save once. Or maybe it was Motorstorm. Once I backed up my saves though I didn't have that problem anymore. And my PS3 hasn't had one single problem. I think that save problem was a bug in the game only.

I hope people don't start trying to say the PS3 is buggy. All electronics will have some failures. It doesn't mean it's junk. When you have a huge failure rate like the 360 had then you have a problem.

duplissi3584d ago

haha, i owned that game for about five minutes damn it was a P.O.S. haha and that gay guy was so annoying

Kleptic3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

freezing sucks dude...I hate when its seemingly the game, and not the GTAIV at launch did it all the time, although I never had it happen...

but betas are bad news in this department...warhawk and killzone 2 did it at least every time I played it (a server side update to phase 3 of killzone 2 remedied it) I guess I was lucky, as it never resulted in anything bad...

but i've had my US NTSC 60gb model since March 2007 (checked the serial number once, and according to some reports...its not a 'launch' model, but had a slight revision to certain components...not sure what though, and if that has anything to do with this yellow light stuff)...but I know a lot of people had trouble too with 40gb's when they first released...which was confirmed to be a corrupt firmware flash from the factory...and was usually taken care of immediately...

but with all that said...i've had my PS3 freeze probably 50 times throughout the hours of beta testing those 2 games...haha that still worries me...

Ju3584d ago

Got my first 60G in Jan 07, and started to get wired poly errors. Send it back just a week before my warranty expired and got a new one. Works fine since. The freezes are mostly SW errors. You can tell if its always the same game which freezes. Would it be HW, this would happen independently from the game you play (or would occur more frequently).

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kazuma3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

"The console is a work of pure technical genius in design - featuring liquid and fan cooling."

edit: okay, i take it back, still it was kinda funny ^^

hope there's no hard feelings ^^

there's actually a mod for the ps3 to use liquid cooling, but there's no way a stock option for a console would be actually using liquid cooling...

still, about the topic: it isn't a big problem, you just happened to get a problematic one, happens with tv's dvd players everything else. as you pointed out in the article, it's nowhere near the ridiculous 360 fail rate. you don't see many people complaining about the ps3 and the wii overall. i guess the only part that isn't truly reliable are the blu-ray and dvd players, you really can't trust those laz0rz.

also, add the fact that u know update firmware on all consoles regularly and u've got a recipe for disaster. u just download that brand new firmware, some goddamn bit got f*cked up and ur ps3 won't boot. that's why sony's giving end users the option to boot in recovery mode now, i'm pretty sure a lot of ps3's went to repairs just because of that.

techie3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Has pipes in it :) Edit: Did some research - it's normal heat sink pipes. Sorry my memory of the design was wrong... I'll let the editor know. Don't laugh at me :(

Edit: I didn't just update my PS3, thanks. There are MUCH more reports of PS3 failure recently - it's not as rare as you think it is.

I didn't have a DUD PS3. It's the same as all the other 60gb's - It lasted almost 2 years.

BrianC62343584d ago

"I didn't just update my PS3, thanks. There are MUCH more reports of PS3 failure recently - it's not as rare as you think it is."

I don't see a lot of reports of faulty PS3s on the Internet. I see the same few people saying it but that's the Internet for you. The squeaky wheel. If it was a real problem the media would be all over it since they seem to have it in for Sony.

Kleptic3584d ago

he stated in the article too that a 1% failure rate would involve roughly 200,000 PS3's out there...and we are seeing no where near that, even though its obvious that every person affected by it wouldn't report it online...

articles like this and subsequent board linked to them usually bring out a lot of people affected by it...

but I agree with Deep...i've noticed a lot more of these popping up recently...maybe its just because the installed base of the PS3 is so much larger now...first thing I researched when I bought my PS3 was how reliable it was...Saw my cousin pop a 360 just days after he got it, and didn't want to have to go through what he did...and there where PS3's right at launch having this exact same problem...but I also notice the yellow light thing happening to 40gb models the most from what I can tell...maybe its just coincidence, who knows...

it DOES exist...just not on a massive the issue with the wii (no video signal for some reason) more people buy these systems...more people are going to report any problems they have...

rucky3584d ago

If it was bigger than we thought, trust me the media would've been all over it.

Helghast Slayer3584d ago

Yeah exactly my thoughts. The title should read "The day i talked out my ass" lol /jk

techie3584d ago

Oh cheers, thanks. ONE: do you know who I am? TWO: Do you know how many failed PS3's have been reported in the last year?

Helghast Slayer3584d ago

Chill mate, chill. I was just taking the piss.

kazuma3584d ago

yeah, if it was like the 360 failure rate, we would surely get the ps3 is doomed articles

GrooveMachine3584d ago

haha god forbid anyone should be allowed to do that, wear your heart on your sleeve or go home

UnwanteDreamz3584d ago

I don't doubt this happened and I am sorry it did, but unless you can provide evidence that the failure rate is over that 1% 200,000 then I don't see why this is news. We know the PS3 is not above failing as I have seen at least 2 or 3 stories about it every year since launch.

I understand you wishing it were a a larger problem but i am afraid there just isnt enough evidence to suggest that.

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Spike473584d ago

Sadly, there is no perfect console in any way, this guy along with a few other are the 1%, and luckily I'm part of the 99%. :)