Analysis: Nintendo U.S. Marketshare Rockets, Microsoft Revenue Declined In 2008

Matt Matthews of Gamasutra writes:

"As part of a recent, exclusive NPD analysis, Gamasutra's analysis of the U.S. console video game marketshare has revealed that, even as Nintendo's hardware and first/third party game sales surged in 2008 and Sony's revenues inched up, Microsoft's share ended up decreasing in dollar value - likely due to decreased Xbox 360 hardware prices."

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barakiu3609d ago

Sony would release a chart that includes PS2's total sales since it's still selling at retail.

Chris3993609d ago

I for one, do NOT welcome our new Casual Overlords.

To arms, to arms!!!

- C

borgome3609d ago

Nintendo 64 had better graphics than PS2

Max Power3609d ago

a lot more games, dvds, and a better controller.

pwnsause3609d ago

is that sarcasm? seriously?

Gr813609d ago

"Casual overlords" Our industry would be in deep trouble.