Avril rides shotgun with Burnout Dominator

Electronic Arts today announced that Avril Lavigne's new song "Girlfriend" will make its world premiere on the Burnout Dominator soundtrack. The pop star headlines a roster of 33 artists, which includes a mix of the old (Alice in Chains) and new (The Sword). Press for full track listing.

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zonetrooper54260d ago

I wonder where she went lol and i got her first album which is ok.

Shadow Flare4259d ago

i like avril lavigne and i like burnout = gotta get this game

grifter0244259d ago

I dont know she messed up .. Too much to drink.. She was suppose to be this punk rocker then she is all snotty soo dumb. I think she was a one hit wonder too bad really for her fans. Seems like a media ploy thats all.

InMyOpinion4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

It's about cars, speed and mayhem. Avril Lavigne?? Ffs!
Why not have some Celine Dion and Pink thrown in as well? Might as well name it Super Burnout Cart GP!

Cars + mayhem + insane speeds = metal!
Some death metal tunes would fit the game much better.
One or two Motörhead and Pantera tunes, some Dismember then finish it off with Kyuss and a touch of Gorgoroth!

calderra4259d ago

Show of hands- How many people here know that Avril got her start in Canadian country music, and that she toured with Shania Twain 4 years before she appeared as a "punk rocker" in America?

Just thought I'd do a little bit to ruin the mystique.

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