Flight Simulator Lives On

Despite reports of its demise it seems that Flight Simulator will live on. Microsoft yesterday laid off the ACES development team responsible for one of the company's flagship franchises. However Microsoft has confirmed to Boomtown that it will continue to invest in flying games for the PC platform.

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GiantEnemyLobster3609d ago

Now hurry up and release FSXI

BludoTheSmelly3609d ago

Microsoft doesn't wanna pay any good developers in house anymore. Wish those guys the best of luck.

Elven63609d ago

The entire studio wasn't layed off, it was only a good chunk, a few people are still around. Over 10 thousand people lost their jobs in the past few weeks at Microsoft, I doubt these guys were laid off solely due to the fact that they were a inhouse developer.

poindat3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

NOO! Flight simming has been a real hobby and passion of mine. There is no better feeling than when you reel in a PMDG 747 for a night landing in dense fog...

Anyways, I am really disappointed by this news. And I mean REALLY disappointed.

Oh, and I realize that this probably isn't a complete end to the series, but it just won't be the same.

Qbanj693609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

Hmm.. interesting.

IMO the microsoft simulator is not going to be cut since they are making a boat load of money off of it.

I am in the Air Traffic Control program and my school is now replacing its old flight simulators with that of microsoft FSX, i hear other schools are doing it too.

This is a lot less expensive for schools since some of these flight simulators run for more than $100k+

In addition, microsoft flight simulator "engine" is widely recognized as being one of the most accurate, real life simulations.

Edit: I also heard somewhere that microsoft wanted to incorporate google earth for its next release, i dont know if it phased out tho.

ambientFLIER3609d ago

Why don't they make a flight simulator for the 360? They can use the Ace Combat engine and voice recognition to get around the limited controls.