UFC 2009 Undisputed - New screenshots

THQ published a batch of new UFC 2009 Undisputed screenshots. Check them out.

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Helghast3608d ago

Mir DESTROYED Nog... it was sad to see Nog get smashed for the first time :( I'll avenge his loss when I get this game.

Sano643608d ago

All sweat and no blood = NOT realistic

outlawlife3608d ago

realistically there isn't a lot of blood in the ufc these days

fights are stopped really quick now compared to the old days, but i'm sure blood will be there in some capacity

just because a game doesn't have ketchup faced fighters doesn't mean it can't be good

outlawlife3608d ago

this game looks very impressive, there hasnt been a good ufc game since the very first one on dreamcast, that game was great

it would be nice if they would incorporate some ufc legends as well

it would be nice to see guys like mark coleman, dan severn, and royce gracie, and the shamrocks thrown in

perhaps in a later installment

Sano643608d ago

I didn't say its not going to be a good game I said having no blood in a UFC game is unrealistic. its like pizza without the sauce! I'm no gore hound but blood is a part of UFC

Bloodshedder3608d ago

big nog looks goood! fck his last lost

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