Halo Wars Done

Microsoft has confirmed that Ensemble Studios' last ever RTS, Halo Wars, is finished and has gone gold.

To celebrate Microsoft's launched the first of a series of Halo Wars video documentaries, detailing the controls and key elements of the console strategy effort.

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La Chance3586d ago

see how it shapes up.

Im interseted in RTS games but being a console gamer I just cant play on a keyboard in front of my PC , simply no fun at all.

Hope this turns out good so I can finnaly give RTS games a real try

NaiNaiNai3586d ago

according to meta, XD it has a .8 out of 10. funny, game just finnished yet its so low. LMFAO

Parapraxis3586d ago

nainainaive, Wow that's really low for review scores....oh wait, that's fake user reviews.
You must use user review meta scores to decide which games are good huh, that would explain a lot.

NaiNaiNai3586d ago

your a idiot T_T. i was pointing out how the fanboys already attacked the game. personally i never buy a game based on reviews. usually a demo. or the fact that i went out and look up gameplay and trailers myself.

Parapraxis3586d ago

I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty suprised by this.
For an RTS on consoles to hit this mark this fast is very impressive.
The Halo name sure has some serious industry clout.
Good job to MS.

IQUITN4G3586d ago

Love Halo but not really the biggest fan of RTS

The punching out of units in HW sounds faster and more fun than previous RTS for console

The whole thing looks lovely and Ensemble seems to have done full justice to the great material

Of course Ensemble wont want to be remembered as going out with a limp so count me very excited

Just as well there is a demo out soon for those on the fence

People with sense will at least give it a proper go.It also wouldn't be wise to listen to any cr!p opinions from those in no position to know how this could end up - potentially at least this looks to be very smart indeed

Rich16313586d ago

Love Halo but I hate RTS games so I'll be skipping.

Anon19743586d ago

Love Halo, might check out the expansion later depending on how much it is but RTS? Pass.

ASSASSYN 36o3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

Wonderful halo has come full circle returning to it's pre-development RTS role for halo is going to be awesome!

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The story is too old to be commented.