Retailers dumping Haze, a sad end to a great developer

Arstechnica: There were many problems with Haze: even after numerous delays, there were still issues with low-end resolution, gameplay was painfully generic at best, vehicles controlled like bricks, and the storytelling elements were laughably bad. Honestly, it seems like the biggest mistake Free Radical made was actually putting this game into production, as it's been theorized that its critical lambasting and lack of sales played some role in the developer's demise. It turns out that nobody really wants anything to do with the game, including retailers.

While meandering through the aisles at my local Target today, I stopped by the video game section to see if there were any post-Holiday sale prices to capitalize on. I was a little surprised to see the above clearance tag sitting in front of Haze, which has now been reduced to $20.98. When I asked one of the store's salespeople about it, he shrugged and informed me that the game sold well since its launch, so he suspected the store was trying to simply get rid of the remaining copies they'd had on hand for the past few months.

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Gun_Senshi3614d ago

My friend bought this game for 12 EUR. I must admit I was surprised how good it is and online seemed better then cod...

IdleLeeSiuLung3614d ago

I played this game last night with my brother co-op and it is nowhere near CoD. It is extremely generic and gets a little better towards the end due to a few cool level designs, but frankly I wouldn't pay more than $10 for it. Which is what I did, $10 brand new. We got two to play co-op.

I think I mostly enjoyed it because it was so bad.... Save your $20 towards a quality game like CoD or hopefully KZ2!

The Matrix3614d ago

$20? You better bring that bi*** to $1.00 before I'll buy it again. Wasted $60 when it first came out and was fortunate to return it right away. IF YOU PAY MORE THAN $10 on this GAME YOU ARE GETTING RIPPED OFF.

shovelbum3614d ago

Haze was so freaking broken that you'd think it came from some no-name two man team developers with basement space leased from grandma. I am still dumbfounded as to how this POS got published. Sadly, I had high hopes for it too and it helped kill off an otherwise good team of game designers. Are any other games being developed with the Haze Engine?

Darkseider3614d ago

I commented in another article about this game. Granted while not the BEST FPS out there it didn't deserve the complete bashing it received. I went out and purchased it a couple months back and played through the SP and played some MP. The SP campaign wasn't all too bad althought the story was, meh at best. Controls were pretty tight and responsive and the graphics, while not stellar, were decent. The MP isn't too bad either, pretty fast paced and no lag to speak of. Unfortunately this game got the shaft due to being hyped to hell by the media and fanboys.

SL1M DADDY3614d ago

It got slammed so bad and only for the fact that it did not live up to the hype-train the media was riding on. Heck, games like Vampire Rain and Legendary along with Turning Point got better scores than Haze did in some magazines and sites and they were far worse than Haze.

Anon19743614d ago

I didn't think Haze was that bad at all. It was a victim of hype, just like Too Human. If you're looking for something a bit different and your a FPS fan, I think you'd be remiss not to at least give Haze a rent.
It's interesting to see the directio they tried to go with the social commentary on this game and the way they attempted to humanize both sides of the fight. Too bad it backfired on them. Quite frankly, when I kill a bad guy I expect him to go down in a blaze of glory, cursing my name and vowing to return from hell to exact a terrible revenge. When instead he cries and asks for his Mom, it just doesn't give me the same giddy feeling of accomplishment. Does that make me a bad person?

Gue13614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

Haze's better than Turok and TimeShift but for some reason it got lower score than them... mmmmmm Strange.

Pennywise3614d ago

It was a PS3 exclusive.

Chubear3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

No but i remember when the 360fanbase used to post HAZE in all those "upcoming hot 360 games" list that they pulled out on every forum when faced with the fact the 360 has little exclusives and hardly any new current gen IPs.

...but then it went PS3 exclusive and then it became crap. I seem to remember a rather crap game that was meant to be multiplat and the second it went 360 exclusive instead it now became worth while and given good reviews.

Try all you will MS but it is inevitable. YOU"RE GOING DOWN AND YOUR FANBASE WITH YOU. lol

rucky3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

I'll admit I didn't buy it. But it was never on my radar in the first place. I probably would've bought it if they've given it a great score though. Too bad it didn't.

Darkseider3614d ago

It's worth the pickup. You can get it for around $13 USD used at a gamestop and it really is a pretty good game.

SeanScythe3614d ago

yeah it was ok if it had trophies I would pop in back in my system but that's the only reason. Trying to get online was hell when it first came out and even a few months after that.

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