Hey Microsoft & Sony, Stop Dissing Each Other, Nintendo Is Crushing Both Of You

The snarkfest of trash-talking between Sony (SNE) and Microsoft (MSFT) over whose game system is better is getting tiresome.

It goes like this: Microsoft issues gloating press releases bragging the Xbox beats the PS3 in sales. Sony in turn gets arrogant and dismissive, saying it has "official leadership" of the industry. Now in today's latest salvo Microsoft says the PS3 could never catch the Xbox, claiming "if you doubled the current PS3 sales and Xbox 360 remained flat, they couldn't close the gap until 2014."

Truth is, both the Xbox 360 and PS3 are giant losers compared to the rollicking success of Nintendo's (NTDOY) Wii. The Wii crushes the two other systems in sales month after month, and last year the top 4 best selling titles were all for the Wii.

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Says you3609d ago

And Microsoft by 200 million combining the Playstation brand so yeah Nintendo and Microsoft will never be able to do what Sony did and plus the PS3 is 21 or 22 million by now and Nintendo wii is not even next gen and still getting killed by the PS2 in world wide sales in the end of the day Sony is making more money then both of them combined!.

Shadow Flare3609d ago

Toyota crushes Ferarri in sales, but i know what i'd rather have

chaosatom3609d ago

Can it Play Killzone 2?

UnwanteDreamz3609d ago

I hate this sales bullsh*t. Sales dont make a great game.

Sales = Profit
Compelling Story, Great gameplay, Awesome Graphics = Great Game
Great Games = Great Console

Now if you ask me there are 2 great nex gen consoles on the market and 1 decent console with great marketing.

ottoenie3609d ago

i am getting really pissed off, the wii is a console for kids, parents, and maybe older people, and that's why it sells so many consoles, this doesn't mean it will crush ps3 and 360, it just beats them with the sales, it's just like shadow flare said, having toyota and ferrari a perfect example, the toyota is cheaper, but the ferarri is way more powerful, the same is with the consoles, a lot of grownups and elder people don't realize that the wii isn't capable of doing games like gears of war 2 or killzone 2.
i also have to say that the wii has more family friendly games, like wii sports, play, and music, while the powerful consoles have other games like gears 2, kz2. and what most people see in tv spots are just the motion sensing and the price tag, which are very attractive.
that's why i think that you can't compare the wii with the 360/ps3, like you can't compare toyota's with ferrari's.

TriforceLightning3609d ago

Just read the title.I do not condone fanboyism or participate in it.The title is a fact.

ottoenie3609d ago

i am just saying, that people need to read specs and look at the games, before buying a console, almost all of my friends who had the wii, sold theirs and bought a ps3, and they are enjoying (as far as i know, lol) it, so i think that nintendo doesn't have anything to do with it, they just made a console that everyone likes, they don't have great games, the online could be alot better, (no ethernet port, only wifi), and the controls of most games are mediocre, i had bought a wii at launch and i got a couple of games for christmas, i really didn't like them, i thought: woah, this looks like crap!, the graphics were horrible!
and the controls were really frustrating, sorry, but this wasn't what i was expecting, this was far far below my expectations!

TriforceLightning3609d ago

One thing Nintendo knows how to do is make money.Hate all you want.

MegaMohsi3609d ago

xbox 360 has been profitable for the 360 since halo 3 released, so Nintendo isn't the only one making money. they're the only ones greedy enough to charge $250 for last gen hardware with a "motion controller", the 360 arcade is a better value than the Wii, THE ARCADE! I honestly can't believe people are willing to pay $250 for THAT.

UnwanteDreamz3609d ago

LOL and you think you can play money? They are crushing the comp in sales and that is it. Quality software is something else all together.

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The story is too old to be commented.