Microsoft fumbles with still-bad hardware

Justin Kemppainen, Minnesota Games Examiner writes:

The savior of the 360 recently arrived, the illustrious Jasper chipset, providing a further upgrade from the previous one, known as Falcon. There had been a few claims by various sources that the 360 had met with less RRoD related failure in the last year. Microsoft still has not released any actual statistics on it yet, only vague, muttered, fidgety estimates.

It seems their strategy follows the vein of Vista marketing: "It's not actually all that bad guys, like, really." Then going on to distract you with something else.

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Silellak3589d ago

As a proud 360 owner, even I have to admit that the RRoD fiasco was a disgrace to Microsoft and an insult to gamers.

That being said, this new "E 74" hype seems to be just that - hype. My guess is that due to the (completely deserved) negative media attention Microsoft got for the RRoD, people are over-examining every hardware issue that crops up. It's Microsoft's own fault, but right now I take the media's reporting of this "E 74" thing with a grain of salt. I'm sure it happens - but I don't think it's "the next RRoD".

NaiNaiNai3589d ago

its funny, i know one person who got this. hes on a arcade model. but i thought it was funny, hes a annoying little bastard. im glad he had issues with his 360. seems like a form of karma brought on by the gaming gods.

Helghast Slayer3589d ago

@ 1

Tell me about it. As a gamer i'd hate for anyone to have to experience the RROD or the E7 error. People should not have to deal with these issues in the first place and to think its still live and burning down houses nearly 4 years into the 360's life span is simply mind boggling.

Honestly this is the poorest designed hardware in the history of electronics. I sure hope this wasn't the innovation M$ was boasting about.

Saladfax3588d ago

You actually bring up a really good point Silellak. It probably will never make a difference if any console Microsoft puts out has an acceptable or even low failure rate.

They allowed themselves to get hit with a stigma of bad hardware, so now every couple console failures puts everyone on alert again.

Maddens Raiders3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

will be RROD. Nothing divisive in that statement, just the unfortunate truth.

The 360 hardware is simply rubbish, but you have to give Microsoft credit for capitalizing early on a captive audience that had not much else to play in the way of "next-gen" consoles, milked said audience for all their worth to saturate the market with XBOX advertising and that has all helped to keep them afloat so far, not to mention paying massive amounts of dollars to steal exclusives from Sony, since Microsoft and 1st party titles are an oxymoron.

But in the real world, the tide on the streets has changed and even the most rigorous fanboys clearly see that the PS3 is the wisest choice for a true console gamer that wants it all.

chaosatom3588d ago

or that has nothing to do with it and it's a hardware problem that occurs at random.

narked3588d ago

i know hardware became mor complex, but any1 remeber the old days? we never had such faults. i had a ps1 and a micro genius, never had a problem with any of them.

could it be that MS and Sony are careless at their work? to get their consoles out in a hurry?

Anon19743588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

When the 360 launched it wasn't long before people started flooding forums with talk of bricked consoles. MS denied it and I thought "Ah, it's probably just the vocal few. MS wouldn't lie about that."

4 consoles later I've had a terrible time as a 360 owner. If it worked fine I wouldn't have a single issue and I'd recommend it to strangers on the street, but that's not the reality. Every single 360 owner I know has had it happen at least one and the 360 hardware for me has been a nightmare. If I had even an inkling as to what a hassle it would turn out to be I never, ever would have purchased one. If my 4th console dies now that the warranty is up I won't be replacing it. I already hardly touch the thing as I opted a year ago to actually game on a console that allows me to play games worry free.

And what really irks me is that MS knew and covered it up. Somewhere, someone said "But we'll be saddling 30% of are customers with a horrible unit," and someone else answered "Screw em! We have to get to market first."
Later on the same guys said "We've still got that problem. We might have a PR issue on our hands. Maybe we should fix it?" And someone else said "You have any idea how much that'd cost?! Screw em! Just extend the warranty and ship them broken units till they give up."

soxfan20053588d ago

Just as people didn't abandon the PS1 and PS2 due to faulty hardware, people won't abandon the 360 either. As long as it has the games people want to play, they will keep buying. In the end, that is what it is all about. The sales charts show that the 360 exclusives sell very well, and multi-platform titles are preferred on the 360. Remember, 99.9% of consumers are not fanboys like on these forums. They just want good games at a good price. Defective hardware did not hurt Sony in the past, nor will it hurt MS today.

Anon19743588d ago

You know, I'm not so sure if you're right. 360 sales were down 10% in 2008 before the price cut over the same period in 2007. In it's first 2 years it only sold 13 million consoles (vs the PS3 which sold 17 million) so I think RROD is having an impact on console sales. Every single 360 owner I know has had at least one rrod.
And some 360 exclusives sell very well. Others not so good. When you look at 360 sales, only 5% of their games have ever broke the 2 million sales mark. Even EA, the worlds largest publisher, put out their sales numbers and revenue from the PS3 is 40% higher than from the 360.
I think perhaps the hardware issues are having more of an impact then some of us might realize as we instead focus on short term gains made since the price cuts. Considering Microsoft took a 60% cut in profits over last year to make those price cuts happen, I think the big picture might not be so rosey.

soxfan20053588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

You can't just disregard the price cut and say that "sales were down until they cut the price". The price cut happened - it's history. And sales surged because of it. It is not MS's fault that they could afford the price cut but Sony couldn't. When Sony finally cuts the PS3's price, it's sales will surge as well. It all balances out in the end. MS still has room for more price cuts as well. It's a continuous cycle. Also, MS's best exclusives outsold Sony's best exclusives, and multi-platform AAA titles sold better on 360 than PS3 - NPD sales data prove it. The future is more multi-platform anyways. As game budgets approach $50-$100 million, studios will need to have as big an audience as possible to recoup development costs.

Anon19743588d ago

So you think MS losing sales in the US isn't a concern because the price cut "fixed it"? Is that about it? You're not wondering why it needed to happen, why sales were going down in the first place? You just consider the problem fixed after a couple of months of stronger sales? Even initially after the price cut, sales were down in Sept and Oct 35% and 37% from the year before.
You'd be stupid not to be worried about what caused the sales slide in the first place, or you just wouldn't be in business very long. What do you do when it happens again, more price cuts? Maybe you should just give the console away.

As for your NPD numbers, NPD numbers are just samples and guesswork. They don't prove anything. Companies like EA saying they make 40% more off the PS3 than they do the 360 speaks volumes.

cayal3588d ago

NPD is America only sales.

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callahan093588d ago

Wow, this Minnesota Game Examiner keeps showing up on N4G all the time, all of a sudden.

Saladfax3586d ago

And there is encouragement among N4G rules towards submissions. I admit that this one has gotten the least negative feedback. I've done some PS3 criticizing, not even deliberate antagonizing, and they just go crazy with rage over there.

It may sound sappy, but thanks for proving me wrong, I half-expected a Microsoft criticism to generate world-shattering flamewars.

TheColbertinator3588d ago

So the Jasper is taking the E74 error.It seems the Jasper has failed to get rid of this hardware plague.

free3sixty3588d ago

I got 1 RRoD since 2,5 years, iam happy, lol:D!

Well, fact is that ALL 360s- 1st gen are a failure. MS had 33% failure rate with their first boxes, the other 66% are ppl who play either 1-2 hours per day or who have a "cold" room.

My xbox ran 6 months in my room, after i took it to a friend to play, i got RRoD. It was clear for me that his room temperature caused that, my xbox got just too hot!

Nowadays companies just want to produce "cheap" hardware. Even Sony isnt holy. Two of my friend already got their BR drive broken. SOny seems to know this problem, cause they now give better warranty for the PS3s BR drive. However, seems to me that the hardware of the 360 cant be fixed by MS.

cayal3588d ago

I've had a PS1, PS2, PS3, XBOX and XBOX 360. I have only ever had to get my PS1 fixed and that was once.

I must admit, every time I turn the 360 on, I hold my breath.

OSIRUSSS3588d ago

My Colecovision died on the first day. That thing was the worst hardware I've ever owned. I learned my lesson back, then and just got a Atari 2600.I will never support shoddy hardware.

thebudgetgamer3588d ago

that thing was made not ot work right


madpuppy3588d ago

What a PITA thanks "thebudgetgamer" for reminding me of that nightmare. stupid designed non-centering joypads!

thebudgetgamer3588d ago

then like two days later. dad theres something wrong with my controller


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