Top 5 Swords in Video Game History

Epic take on what the greatest swords are for the video game platform.

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Samus20803345d ago

The MasterSword get's it's due respect, and I lay here quietly.

Volvobug3345d ago

I feel the same way towards the Mana sword

ClSmooth3345d ago

Haha...You guys are crazy

jadenkorri3345d ago

now i want to play Secret of Mana....

tinydancer3345d ago

One of the greatest games of all time

ThanatosDMC3345d ago

Where's the Sparda sword or Alastor?!

sloth4urluv3345d ago

Master sword rox my sox off.

Legend of Zelda: Link to the past was one of the best games ever.
Seriously, if you havent played it before you need to, its that much fun.

pain777pas3345d ago

except Zelda 2 all of the Zelda games are AAA. Actually 2 really isn't that bad its just tough as nails.

darkgandhi3344d ago

the buster sword, c'mon man

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MountainMaverick3345d ago

I can't really think of any swords other than these that should put up there. Good list be default.

Brodiesan3345d ago

Heavenly Sword?

Bloody thing turns you into an Angel and can bring people back from the dead.

games4fun3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

buster sword ffvii also the heavenly sword is good but sadly not enough hype/history meaning sequels

although i still dont understand how you could play heavenly sword and not give it an 8.5 or higher.

ClSmooth3345d ago

Buster Sword...Forgot that one.

Hixon4Life3345d ago

TheAtmaWeapon...Ouf...Remember ed fighting that bastard of a beast though.

Swedenborg3345d ago

Damn these pictures bring back memories.

XxBarretxX3345d ago

Buster Sword (CLOUD Strife)

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The story is too old to be commented.