andPOP Gaming Centric - Gamer's Year In Review

andPOP writes: "So my dear friends it's finally that time of year. What time you ask? Yeah that time, the great drought.

It's barely the start of 2009 and every gamer is staring into that long empty stretch completely devoid of quality gaming. The holiday season is behind us and the summer season is a yawning five months away (as if the gaming industry ever releases quality video games during the summer months when most of us can actually find the time to avoid life for long enough to dive into a great game, but I digress). Some are saying that 2008 was the best year of gaming we've ever seen. Barring a minor disagreement that 1972 was the greatest year for games with the advent of the super smash title PONG and all of the glory it has snowballed into some thirty six years later, I am inclined to agree."

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