Gamer's Info Review: Cave Story

GI writes: "For all my years of studying literature, I do not really see the difference between the literary cannon and the multicultural cannon. What I should probably say is that I do not get how people can decide what pieces of literature are more influential than others. From my perspective, each piece of literature is important. So who are we - or even a group of highly opinionated old men - to decide which author is more important than another? What would Britain be without Shakespeare or Blake? Or the United States without Flannery O'Connor or Poe? And yet, if we take a quick look at today's society, we see the divide between what is considered "popular" and "unpopular." Mainstream versus bohemian. In gaming terms, this is essentially console-based games versus the indie gaming scene. And while it would probably be worthwhile to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both ends of the gaming spectrum, this is not what this article is about. It is about an indie game that deserves a lot of popularity not because one person(!) created it, but because it is so perfectly polished. If you're seriously into the indie gaming scene, you are probably already familiar with this game: Cave Story. Cave Story proves that good games transcend time, and graphics can be the medium to accomplish the task."

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