Blizzard Confirm Warcraft Movie Still Being Made

It's been months since there was any news on Blizzard's planned live action Warcraft movie, so fans may be forgiven for thinking the project had been put on hold.

However, a community manager confirmed yesterday that the project is still full steam ahead.

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AndyA3528d ago

Good news. Has there been any word on who's to direct it?

Leord3528d ago

Not that I know of. I know they are making the screenplay, that's the last I heard.

Daver3528d ago

fu!k that... confirm us that diablo 3 will be release in 2009. that would be a news!

Maticus3528d ago

Heh, not much chance of that I'm afraid :P

Leord3528d ago

Oh man, it would be so nice to get an actual promo clip or anything shown about it...

kalos3528d ago

Think they need someone to direct the promo clip, let alone the movie, first :P

Dorjan3528d ago

Let's hope it's better than the D&D movies...

Leord3528d ago

Well, they would have to make a great effort to make it WORSE, that's for sure...

SuperM3528d ago

Dont worry. Blizzard does not want to ruin their greatest franchise with a crappy movie. And legendary picture is behind alot of kickass movies. Including Batman and 300.

I have great faith in both blizzard and legendary pictures and i think this can be the best game to movie adaption ever.

Maticus3528d ago

I agree SuperM, Blizzard are renowned for not doing things unless they are perfect. I'm also confident in them and Legendary.

Maticus3528d ago

I reckon they'll make an announcement this year, hopefully at the WWI or BlizzCon.

dredgewalker3528d ago

Oooohh Warcraft id dig this movie,i just hope it gets a good director and scriptwriter. The only game movie that im seeing right now thats gonna get a lot of fans angry is Dragonball.

ezcex3528d ago

sigh...they fvcked draonball in the ass without lube

dredgewalker3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Some anime's are better off as animes. I wont ever see that Dragonball movie cause it looks much worse than the Street Fighter movie with Van Damme. But this Warcraft movie has potential since i like watching Conan movies when i was young.

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