OXM UK: Skate 2 Review

OXM UK writes:

"Let's face it, most of us have tried skateboarding at one time or another. For the majority of us, the experience was short-lived; a moment of exhilaration followed by the ignominy of falling off, shredding skin then watching enviously from a window as some lank-haired git nailed effortless Ollies while mum rubbed Savlon onto our scuffed elbows.

Whether you're looking to realise your childhood boarding fantasies or relive past glories of flipping wood down the local skatepark, you'd do well to check this out. Just like the original, Skate 2 is all about the Tao of skating, being one with your board, manually controlling your movements with the analogue sticks (Right stick board, Left stick body) rather than pummelling a succession of button combos."

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