Pachter: 'High PS3 price is killing Sony'

CVG: Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has told CVG that Sony "is a distant third" this generation "and is falling behind at a rapid pace".

Speaking to us after Sony forecast major losses for the fiscal year ending in March, Pachter suggested a PS3 price cut "in all geographies" was needed to give the ailing PlayStation division a boost.

However, he noted that Sony may not be willing to lower hardware prices until it can further reduce PS3 production costs, therefore reducing the loss it is currently making on every unit sold.

"The most important thing for the company to do is to get the PS3 production cost down, and it appears to be making progress on that front," said the analyst.

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Jerk1203609d ago

Yup, like I said.. they need to ditch that POS and quick.

eelnats20003609d ago

but lower the damn price and sell billions already.. lol

cryymoar3609d ago

approves this story? We've seen stories like this hundreds of times, it's OLD! This is basically a duplicate with different words.
N4G mods are so biased and retarded.

Time Lord3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

Pachter: 'The sky is blue & the grass is green'

Maddens Raiders3609d ago

Pachter about 3 years ago. Next week he'll come out and say something like, "the PS3's pricepoint for Q2 is at the sweetspot for a strong summer lineup that will carry them into the Fall where a price drop will be right on time..." I mean seriously...Pachter is turbo-charged spin machine if I've ever seen one....and the thing about it is, that so many people actually still listen to him....but, hey I don't knock him for making a's just not a very consistent message that he brings to the table, but then again he's providing entertainment to his audience and he knows that.

this guy changes more than the weather and says things to please each side as not to alienate anyone in particular, but in doing so over the years have turned his opinions into absolute watered down mush....

Beast_Master3609d ago

I maybe the only guy here that actually likes Pachter. If anyone has seen him on the Bonus Round I think you would agree. I agree his insights are not ground breaking and he is as good at predicting the Video Game market as NFL "experts" are at picking NFL games (which if you didn't know, a blind baby would have a better record at picking the winners than the so called NFL experts). But I like his personality, which is why I watch him on Bonus round and it is the same reason I still watch NFL pregame shows.

If you haven't seen him on Bonus Round let me let you in on a secret. He never claims to be an end all, be all expert. He constantly points out his failed predictions. He doesn't argue with people that disagree with him, and always gives an insight to why he feels the way he does. So if you think the guy is some kind of Fanboy I suggest that you watch a few episodes of Bonus Round on Gametrailers.

Anon19743609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

The PS3 sold 17 million by it's 2 year anniversary where the 360 had only sold 13 million at the point. I went back to try to find the comments from Michael Pachter at that time explaining why 360 sales were so poor but I couldn't find any.
Isn't that strange? Certainly if he thinks the PS3 sales are poor he must have thought 360 sales were even worse last year...otherwise he'd just be a hypocrite, wouldn't he?

Guitarded3609d ago

the sky is red and the grass is blue.

Blademask3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )


I think everyone knows the PS3 needs a pricecut.
I think everyone knows MS started a year early.
I think everyone knows MS is at rock bottom pricing.
I think everyone knows the PS3 had better games in 2008, and so far in 2009.
I think everyone knows what gamers care about more.

PS3 is selling faster than a cheap 360. Keep pretending its going to be dead. Its been 'dead' for 2 years, just like its had 'no games' for 2 years, and just like its 'just a bluray player' for 2 years, and oh yeah, bluray is dead too while we are at it. The news about the PS3 dying is like the Iraqi Minister of Defense saying americans weren't invading Iraq at the time. Even though we could see them in the background. If you keep saying something over and over again, it doesn't make it true.

Who is saying the PS3 doesn't need a price drop? I want to meet that man. But also, I want to meet the man that looks at YTD #'s, and claims the PS3 is a 'distant' third when we all know what % of the 360's sales are in fact multiple RROD'd units. I mean, the things die at CES. Does it ultimately matter? Nope, not at all. What I find hard to believe is how Patcher and the rest of the moronic media can be so knowledgeable and so blind at the same exact time. Lets go ahead and believe the PS3 is a DISTANT third to the 360, and because of its hardware units sold(in north america), it predicts DOOM and GLOOM for the company.

Well I recall the Wii selling more software/hardware than the PS3/360 combined. So where is that article calling the 360 a distant second? At this point, its just technically a second. Why do all these people forget to include gaming divisions into their gaming financial articles? Again, I recall MS being a distant third with only their 360 on the market. Where as Sony is dominating MS with its PSP/PS2 & PS3, and Nintendo rules all.

PS3 owners enjoy great hardware, a great software lineup. 360 owners enjoy a great software Lineup, and Wii owners enjoy anything. Why its not left at that? no one knows. But Its getting old for the idiotic 360/dreamcast owners to keep promoting the 'doom' of the ps3 based on nothing. You guys are just shocked the 900 dollar blurray player with no games didn't come out and kill everything this generation, and none of you know how to just settle down and not be spiteful. Does the PS3 have better hardware & games? You bet. Does the 360 sell better? Yep. Will the PS3 get a price cut? Yep. Then where will the 360 be? If its only point is its the lowest priced console on the market to play multiplats? Who knows, but all of this is getting quite old.

It would be a different case if the PS3 didn't have the best highest rated games in 2008, but eh.. It did. And 2009 is already going in the PS3's favor. I'd be less concerned about how during a recession people want a cheaper product, and care more about what games I'm going to be playing.

dragunrising3609d ago

Your right only half of the time. Most members of n4g, 10 and up could do your job just as competently. I wonder if he plays games?

IdleLeeSiuLung3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

It is probably true what you are saying, but that doesn't really matter. This is about market share, and a game publisher/developer isn't going to give that much weight to slower sales the first years.

The bottom line is how large is the market for my game, clearly the 360 has a large concentration of hardcore gamers specifically in the US. Any game catering to the US market will do exceptionally well compared to PS3 i.e. shooters.

The failure in Sony is the fact that with all their advantages coming from 2 generations of consoles being on the top (in all territories), is now fighting with MS whom everybody thought would be dead last again this time and had a RROD issue, Sony is still in the third spot.

With an arguably better 2008 lineup, hd-dvd death, lowered price, stronger branding and expanded market Sony still are third. It is true that MS is barely doing better than Sony, and poor compared to Wii, but every 360 sale is one less for Sony. There is only so much of the pie and MS has already grabbed a bigger piece.

I will get a lot of disagrees for this post.... I really hope Sony does well, but it doesn't look good. Unfortunately, it is looking damn good for the Wii. I wish the Wii would be third.

Helghast Slayer3609d ago

This patcher dude needs to get sh0t lol. Narr but seriously my 5yr old nephew can talk out his a$$ too and believe me it's nothing to be proud about patcher.

deeznuts3609d ago

Your sh!t is brown and his still stinks!

BRG90003609d ago

if you watch him on bonus round, he actually says he is not a gamer. He's a financial analyst who watches this industry among others. Which is why he talks about things like price far more than game quality... THAT'S what he is an expert in.

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DA_SHREDDER3609d ago

your mom should have swallowed you Sleip. Your a waste of bandwith and life for that matter.

Shane Kim3609d ago

It took me about 2 secs to comprehend what you said, and when I did, it was one of the funniest things I've red on N4g.

Jerk1203609d ago

uhuhuh waste of bandwidth!! uhuhuh hes rite!! ps3 sux!!


pwnsause3609d ago

you mean that POS that has a game that is comparable to Crysis right now? if theres anything thats a POS, its the RROD box. I never knew a POS can be so expensive. maybe its not a POS.

Fact: you dont own a PS3. you are poor. you cant afford it. Now run back to your Parents and try to ask for one.

Jerk1203609d ago

Do you know what a fact is, Pwnsause?

No, you, don't.

Now shut the hell up and NEVER speak of FACT again.

pwnsause3609d ago

why should I shut up? because it makes you angry when I state facts? are you angry that we have a game thats actually being compared to a PC game? please why don't YOU shut up and go get a job at your local supermarket so that you can get your own?

Consoles like the PS3 don't come out that often when it comes to versatility (ex. Gaming, Movie viewing w/Blu-ray ,Divx, MPEG-4, surfing the net, media streaming, DTS-HD audio, ETC). Thats why its worth every penny.

Says you3609d ago

XBox 360 that is literally made of sh1t considering American products suck and Asian products takes a humongous dump on American products considering Windows and the XBox 360 is a prime example considering I'm Asian myself so I suggest you shut up before I use super glue to shut it you cheap ass [email protected]!.

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