Halcyon Hints At Terminator MMO

Halcyon Games, part of the Halcyon Company which recently acquired the right to the Terminator franchise, has told IncGamers that it has considered the idea of an MMO based in the Terminator universe.

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Cajun Chicken3411d ago

One step too far I think, lets see how GRIN's game turns out first, eh?

thetamer3410d ago

I'm not so sure it's going to be a great game actually. There's only so many robot killings you can do before you get bored. I hope they make it good though, I would like to see a good Terminator game.

ZackFair3410d ago

You can't beat WoW, or even become half as successful.

Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, both of which have fanbases FAR larger than Terminator, have failed to even touch WoW.

This will flop, like every single other MMO on the market.

Give up, idiots.

Gun_Senshi3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

mmos are not about "Beating X mmo". Developers make MMO and they profit from it. They don't care if WoW has 11 million players as long as they are profiting for it they will continue to support it.

Blizz are not even the market leader of MMOs, NCSoft is.

Also WoW is just casual appeal for people who never played MMO. If you ever played other MMOs even more old school ones you will know that WoW is a downgraded easy mode for casuals.

Developer of Starwars MMO wanted to kill it but was unable due to demand.

LOTRO MMO is going strong as always with the most mature comunity in all mmos.

FFXI is nowdays too full they need to make more servers, or split them to EU NA and JP.

Next big MMO coming up is Aion Online, by the best MMO Developers, NCSoft. Which Aion online still in beta already broke records in Korea.

And stop being retarded and saying X sold X amountits the best. Britney Spears sold millions if not billions yet who understand music will tell you she sucks. Most of the time, games that sell millions are due to mainstream appeal. Going by your logic, WoW is best mmo because it has 11 mil subs (which is one of the bad mmos), then WiiPlay is the best game ever created.

Go see how much top games like Okami sold. So little, yet that game is prolly one of the top games ever made.

Sales does NOT mean quality, most of the time Sales means lack of quality or mainstream bullcrap.

thetamer3410d ago

Errr, the Star Wars MMO isn't out I don't think you can say it's not as successful as WOW...

Pekka3410d ago

"Errr, the Star Wars MMO isn't out I don't think you can say it's not as successful as WOW... "

Yes it is. Star Wars Galaxies appeared years ago and is still alive. But it was published year before WoW.

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thetamer3411d ago

No way!! I didn't even think they'd do an MMO of this game. I don't know how it would work, but you know what, if you can choose between skynet and humans, this might be quite an awesome game.

Leord3410d ago

Yeah, well the thing is most robots are relatively mindless. Are you supposed to be some extra-intelligent one, with some sort of personal responsibility within the robotic race?

Besides, the robots inhabit most of the earth, how would that be a balanced game? =P

Leord3410d ago

Now now. There is always room for a Terminator mmo =D

AndyA3411d ago

I quite like the idea, so long as the story fits in with the canon and is suitably dark.

thetamer3410d ago

I think if you throw sex into the equation, you'll have a dark, yet dirty game. Cyborg sex. Maybe the oily semen of robots ripping through the dirty human women whores will confuse the robots, making thier cyborg children confused, and revolting in their teenage years against their daddies, with all that baggage I'm sure those Yoshimi will have a major battle on her hands.

Leord3410d ago

In deed. Well, the IP is pretty scattered, so it's not hard to do it "non-canon", with so many different sources. In either way, there is a great need for some organization to buy up all the little IP's associated with Terminator and bring it to a conclusive whole.

@ Tamer: You're just sick o.O

Maticus3410d ago

I think there's room for a proper adult MMO (second life doesn't count), but I don't think a terminator title would be the optimal choice for it.

Capt CHAOS3410d ago

How many MMOs do we need?

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