Metroid Prime: Hunters Glitches X (DS)

Metroid Prime: Hunters is a first-person shooter and adventure game created exclusively for the Nintendo DS, developed by NST (Nintendo Software Technology), a first-party developer for Nintendo, based in Redmond in North America, and released in 2006. Like its predecessor Metroid Prime, Nintendo has dubbed it a first-person adventure rather than a first-person shooter due to the large amount of exploration elements in the game, classic to any Nintendo title.

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bigjclassic3495d ago

but it may come in handy for some online WiFi killing.

TriforceLightning3495d ago

Absolutely pointless.How are these so-called "articles" being published on this site.Please someone tell me.

TheColbertinator3495d ago

I stopped playing that years ago.That game is full of hackers

Gaidrius3495d ago

How did this get published? Not only is this game YEARS old, but the jump doesn't even lead to an article pertaining to anything in the headline... Unbelievable.

djt233495d ago

this is old i mean the glitch is really old