Sega details Yakuza 3 collaborations

Sega has been slowly sharing details on its collaborative plans for Ryu ga Gotoku 3 (the third installment in the series that's known as Yakuza in the west), starting with a tie-up with fashion magazine Koakuma Ageha and continuing recently through tie-ups with discount retailer Don Quijote and food maker Ace Cook. Today, the company opened the flood gates, unveiling a number of additional tie-ups.

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Jamegohanssj53588d ago

I wished that Sony would do that with some products in America. Japan gets all the good stuff.


Raoh3588d ago

i'm getting sick of hearing about this game. they keep saying there are no plans for an american release so screw them.

PirateThom3588d ago

Probably because it took them 2 years to release Yakuza 2 outside of Japan.

Simon_Brezhnev3588d ago

yeah and i dont see why it took that long all it was, was subtitles i think that should be a standard for they games to include english subtitles