Xbox 360 far below competitors in Japan

Sales for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 were far below competitors in Japan in the latest market research data for the region.

Media Create Co. on Fri. reported that the Xbox 360 sold 5,210 units between Feb. 12 and Feb. 18. By comparison, the console sold 4,811 units the week prior.

In addition, the Xbox 360 was unable to rank software in the top 50 game sales for the week.

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Shadow Flare4286d ago

reading through that article, i already knew that japan couldn't give a crusted crap about the xbox 360 but its the last sentance that stood out to me

"Microsoft expects to ship 12 million Xbox 360 units worldwide by fiscal June 2007"


Am i reading this wrong? I thought they SOLD 10 million units by the end of 2006, and they only plan on shipping 2 million more units in 6 months?? Or are they shipping an EXTRA 12 million units by June? It took MS about 13 months to sell 10 million units, so i don't think they're gonna ship 12 million in by 4 months time. Either MS has had a quick spout of selling INCREDIBLY well, or they are really struggling to get their systems into peoples hands. And im not being funny but does that 12 million shipped include the countless people who have had their 360's replaced 2 or 3 times?

PS. Give up in Japan already MS and focus on other territories where you have a chance of being successful

Syko4286d ago

reading through that article, i already knew that japan couldn't give a crusted crap about the xbox 360 but its the last sentance that stood out to me

"Microsoft expects to ship 12 million Xbox 360 units worldwide by fiscal June 2007"


I think you are missing the Undertow of what is really going on. The writing is truly on the wall with all the core price slashing and the "Zypher" Box on the way (Allegedly). Plus reduced shipments. This is all setting up for the current premium to go down to the core and the Zypher to replace the Premium. Or at the very least price cuts are coming so they will not flood the stores until the demand spikes with the price cut. The only hole I can poke in this theory is the alleged 479.99 price of the Zypher. Unless they make the core (20Gig) 379.99 which in my opinion would be a bad move because they really need to make the 20gig 299.99 or less IMO. If you have Sony by the balls why aren't they squeezing them is my biggest complaint it's like a friggen stalemate right now.

Plus I agree they will never be more than a close 3rd in Japan even if they gave away the systems, Loyalty like that must be broken over many decades.

Xi4286d ago

Odd that you would say 'far' below the competition...
In respect.
The ps3 has sold 657,000 lifetime sales.
the xbox 360 has a total of 323,000 lifetime sales.
the Wii has a total of 1,587,000 liftime sales.

They're trailing the ps3 buy half.
The 360 has had more titles in the top 50 than the PS3.
No one expected the 360 to be the leading console in japan, or even be near a close contender.
The 360 was the only next gen console to have a sales increase this week.
I think the real trouble is for the ps3, as that's their home turf, I'd say it's the wii that's dominating Japan, and as you know in japan it's consistently been a single dominating console and this generation it will be the wii.

Silverwolf4286d ago (Edited 4286d ago )

"The ps3 has sold 657,000 lifetime sales." In 3 months actually.


"i think the real trouble is for the ps3, as that's their home turf,"

Anybody who follows the trend in Japan can tell you this "no games no sale". PS3 has no games that at this time will move hardware in Japan. Once it does (and we know how crazy they are over there) they will be flocking to stores to get the game plus the system.

Xi4286d ago

It's still selling without games, and gundam mousu(and if you know anything about japan you know this was supposed to be a killer app) or w/e just hit in japan for the ps3, there was no boost in sales from anticipation or anyhting like that.

Silverwolf4286d ago

but well have to see once MGS4 and FFXIII come out.

Xi4286d ago

Don't get me wrong they're huge titles in japan, but the japanese are known for returning a console after they finish a game, and if these titles don't make a large enough splash or the developers don't see the game making enough profit from it, you could see either a console jump or not large change.

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fjtorres4286d ago

XBOX sales are going fine.
After all, nobody expects the japanese to buy an american console.
And MS can survive and prosper without Japan, unlike their biggest opponent, who absolutely positively *needs* japanese sales and is not getting them.

MS is known to be very conservative; they do not hype themselves to the hilt like some of their competitors. Instead, they report modest expectations so they can then report *exceeding* the expectations.
A bit different than what you're used to, I gather?

The early months of the year are traditionally slow for console sales anyway. Plus the quote is off; MS actually said they expected to sell 12-13 million by June and they cut back production to match.

Overall, XBOX 360 January sales were around 600,000 worldwide; that was almost 20% higher than last year. Multiplied by five months, its 3 million. (Or about the total size of the current PS3 installed base)
So yes, by early June they expect to be at no less than 12-13 million.
They could easily be at 15 or even 20 if they chose to cut prices.

They're not playing this game just to sell boxes for the sake of selling boxes; they're playing it to make money. And that means sitting back to wait and see what kind of opposition they face in the long term.

There has never before been a console generation with three viable boxes out at the same time.
This might be the first.
Or it might not.
But MS has made it clear they are not going to gamble.

DJ4286d ago

They had just under two million 360's sitting on shelves after the Holiday season finished, which is why they had to reduce June '07 shipment figures from 15 million to 12 million.

Syko4286d ago

Why do you guys quote VGcharts like the god damned bible..Time and time again it has been proven wrong

InMyOpinion4286d ago

With an average intelligence believes in vgcharts/nexgenwars.

You are an insult to yourself for as long as you keep posting comments on this site.

Keep on painting yourself into corners, DJ.

DJ4286d ago

Nexgenwars is crap since it's just shipment figures plugged into random equations. VGcharts is about as close as we can get, and all the data over the past 5 months on that site has been extremely accurate.

PureGamer4286d ago

that VG site is a load of BS, no one even thought the 360 could win out in japan, if you did think this you are either naive or the biggest fanboy ever :)

Daytona4286d ago

VGcharts is considerably MS biased and pro Wii w/a side of Sony thrown in. Only sony boys use VGcharts, boys like dj.

Sony and the ps3 have done nothing but disappoint and lie about what it can do, when it's more what it can't do, that's what it's all really about. The ps3 isn't a parsak away from it's competitors, it's behind them and still drooling village idiots still defend it w/out even owning a system. Buy one if you can afford it b/c there just sitting on shelves everywhere.

My local walmart store recieved 3 of the 60G units on Feb. 2nd, today feb. 23rd, we still have 2 of the original. Our demo unit has broken down and the rep hasn't come out to repair or replace yet, were still just showing ps3 vids on the game trailers unit placed above the caseings of all 3 systems. In fact the ps3 doesn't even have it's own area yet, the sales don't require that yet. It's sharing space with the psp system case which is quite empty.

The way it's looking stateside atleast, the ps3 won't make it w/o help from Japan and Europe to beef up it's sales.

Torch4286d ago

Take the stats on Nexgenwars with a grain of salt.

I was keeping an eye on this website myself for a while (not knowing whether the numbers were actually accurate), until I noticed something very fishy. As of this writing X-Box sales report as approximately 10.6 million, while the PS3 and the Wii register 1.5 and 4.7 respectively.

Therefore, cumulative numbers for both the PS3 and Wii would result in a total of 6.2 million...resulting in approximately 57% of all three console sales.

Well, here's my question: If the X-Box 360 has approximately 43% market share, why does the graph on the website portray the X-Box as having a visual approximation of 66% of market share, while the other two consoles are portrayed as proportionately less?

Therefore, there is no doubt that something is amiss without question, for the simple reason that the numbers contradict the graphs...which one's right, folks?

I invite you to take a casual visit right now, and see for yourself:

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XerockX4286d ago

too bad, these guy's don't know what they're missin'.
btw i do have wii and ps3 and love 'em both.

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