The Bender Podcast - Ep 28 - Killzone 2 too hyped? Games and Regions be gone!

In this weeks episode of The Bender, we review Perry the Intern and his place in the universe as the only PS3 owning "360 Fanboy." We talk about that piece of crap analyst Michael Pachter. Prediction of the day: Zack & Wiki will have a sequel… on the DS! Enjoy!

Show notes:

RIP Jaleco

Killzone 2 comments cause ruckus - Is the game too overhyped for its own good?

Moar Intern Perry hate

Rapper Gamer Variety Hour ("Think about the possibilities!!")


Sony and Microsoft Trade Blows

Pachter says Both Sides are Right

Outrun Online Arcade is Xbox 360 Exclusive… in North America

Video game regions - Why can't we all just get games at the same time!?

LEGO Batman is a Terrible Toy?

Capcom Regrets Giving Up Movie Rights

GTA IV DLC Prices - Too high or priced just right?

$29.95 for Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (Comes to about 60 cents a game!!)

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mac4u103586d ago

Crap podcasts boring as hell you lot are so races!!!