Footage of cancelled Wii project, Red Faction: B.E.A.S.T.

Red Faction: B.E.A.S.T. was being developed by Locomotive Games as a prototype for the Wii. Unfortunately, the game was canceled once THQ closed down the studio.

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Cajun Chicken3589d ago

That looks like it could of been a good title for Wii.

thereapersson3589d ago

Just another title with lots of potential that gets the axe due to financial reasons....


Maxned3588d ago

Man... it had a cover system too.

ChickeyCantor3589d ago

This is just getting laaame.

jadenkorri3589d ago

how is it lame, they had a good game going, looked great, the models were really low poly and looked good...

ChickeyCantor3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

It's lame simply because it "could" have been a decent/good game.
It could have been crap too, but we won't find that out, or will we?

I think you misunderstood my comment.

Pennywise3589d ago

They seem to be canceling a lot of games for the Wii lately.

jadenkorri3589d ago

i did misunderstand the comment, mind you im doing tech support over the phone while commenting so sometimes i don't think before i

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Capt CHAOS3589d ago

Wow, is that a PS2 emulator running on the Wii? Nope, that's native.

Voiceofreason3589d ago

Someone understands nothing about game development.. Well at least you're in the right fanboy zone and not the gamer zone.. We have enough people in there embarrasing us and making gamers look bad without another clueless idiot adding to it. Please though keep judging a game based off 2 months work to game onPS2 that had 3 year development cycles. It's amusing to see you actually think you have a valid point

Capt CHAOS3589d ago

I think the fact that it's in the open zone might have been some clue. But I've obviously touched your sensitive zone by slagging off the wee little wii. Sorry.. Until the next opportunity. ;-)

ps. Is there every really much to be serious about on n4g??

Voiceofreason3589d ago

Typical Sony fan... Tons of games get cancelled for PS3, it means nothing... One game get cancelled for Wii due to the developer being shut down and suddenly hundreds of Wii titles are being cancelled in mass. What games have been cancelled? Other than this one? Winter? The game that never was set for release? The game that never went beyond 2 weeks of coding and a quick demo? Yeah thats far worse than all the PS3 games that get cancelled mid development. Hey at least they didnt have to shut their doors because they made a great game that nobody bought.. Now who has had to do that.. Oh yeah PS3 developers

ChickeyCantor3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

voiceofreason, chill down man.
I know you are trying to be unbiased and sh/t like that, but at the same time you attack sony fans. And that's what I read mostly from you.

=) you make good points at times, but try doing it without the fanboy pointing =). You could basically wright that comment of yours without the PS3-fanboy bashing.

O btw im not trying to bash you or something, it's just i read loads of your comments that come off with some kind of rage towards PS3-fans.
Like i said you make good points at time, bring them nicely xD.

sarshelyam3589d ago

I think you need to look at WHERE the cancellations are, not just how many titles. Fatal Frame certainly wasn't JPN and EUR. But where is the NA release? How about Disaster? What's going on with that? Doesn't sound to reassuring that NOA has no interest in the project at this time...and if not, what is the right time for this project? Ever?!?

I think the overall message here is that the demographic drives the content and sadly, Mature titles are few and far between. Sure we have some of the RE titles, NMH, Madworld...those are well beyond the definition of Mature simply for content. The larger problem is they get lost in the sea of titles currently available for the platform and the sales are skewed. Nobody can deny that core gamers are secondary on the platform, so it goes without saying that core game releases are secondary and/or see moderate sales at best. This cycle continues and more devs pull these core titles because the risk of investment and return is far too high.

Mahr3588d ago

"Fatal Frame certainly wasn't JPN and EUR. But where is the NA release?"

Somewhere in 2009, if one believes pretty recent rumors.

Let's not forget that when it was released in Japan, there were so many game-crippling glitches and programming hiccups, Fatal Frame IV could have been more accurately named Escape From Bug Island 2: Electric Bug-a-loo. It's to be expected that it would take some time to arrive on other shores.

Gr813589d ago

I kinda like Voiceofreasons bluntness.

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