Forza Motorsport 2's Euopean Production Cars

The final list is in. See if your favorite car made the cut.

To coincide with the recently remodeled official website, Turn 10 has revealed the list of European production cars that will make an appearance in Forza Motorsport 2. Earlier this week, IGN got the low-down on a couple of German engineered cars. Now, that list has expanded with everything from the Aston Martin to your mom's Volvo for a car set 55 strong. Read on to see if your favorite model has made the cut.

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videogamenews4313d ago

I wanted to submit this using my site :(

joemutt4313d ago

Should be something for everyone in there.

shotty4313d ago

Actually those are only the europian made cars, they're also the american manufacturers(Dodge, Ford, GM)and japanese manufacturer(Honda, Toyota, Nissan). They announced that forza 2 will ship with over 300 cars right on the disc for day 1 and then Im sure more will be added over xbox live as the cars are modeled.

Dlacy13g4313d ago

Early on I was a little worried as I just wasn't seeing the kind of graphical greatness that we saw the first time through...and comparing to the finished PGR3 it had a lot to live up to.

That is looking very good.

On a side note...has anyone esle seen the new Forza Motorsport Challenge reality show? I saw the first episode on the Speed Channel (Directv) this week and it actually looks like it could be a pretty decent show. Teams race each week to earn pts towards upgrades they can put into the car for the following week. They use a range of cars from old muscle cars to newer cars. Needless to say its a kick to see them compete in a similar fashion to the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.