What Are The Top 5 Games of 2008? gives their top 5 games of 2008, along with a request to know from the users what their top 5 games are. Can you narrow down your favorite games to only 5?

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-GametimeUK-3613d ago

That is the CRAZIEST top 5 list I have ever seen lol

I cant narrow it down to 5... All I know is theres only 2 games that deffo get in my top 5... MGS4 and LBP... But theres also been games like Dead Space, Gears2, Fable2, GTA4, Wii Fit, Smash Bros, DMC4, Burnout, Resistance 2, God of War CoO, Crisis Core, CoD WaW, Soul Calibur 4 and a load more games that I have enjoyed last year... Picking 5 is too hard for me

joydestroy3613d ago

yeah dude...wayyy too many good ones came out in '08, including but not limited to MGS4, GeOW2, L4D, Dead Space, Resistance 2, Fable 2, Burnout Paradise, Soul Calibur IV, Socom...and the list just goes on and on!

Freak of Nature3613d ago

Yup that is a crazy list...And picking 5 if you play on all the systems is a tough choice...

5. Fable 2

4.Left for dead

3.MGS 4

2. Gears Of War 2

1. LBP...

Firstkn1ghT3613d ago

Fable 2 is my number 1 with Left 4 Dead my number 2.

tinydancer3613d ago

I still haven't tried Fable 2. I need to get around to it.

Mindboggle3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

I dont see what the big deal is about left 4 dead. I have it on PC and its average at best.

Plus this list is written by someone who doesnt own a PS3, LBP and MGS4 are definetly top 5 material.

My Top 5 :

1. Fallout 3
2. Little Big Planet
3. COD4 (doesnt really count but I got it in jan 2008)
4. Resistance 2
5. cant choose, between mgs4 and gta iv

MGOelite3613d ago

you know what, im not even gonna say it

Sangria3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

1- Metal Gear Solid 4
2- Fallout 3
3- LittleBigPlanet
4- Bioshock
5- Patapon

My Top 5 games of 2008, but this year was great in terms of gaming with high quality games all over the year on each consoles. Let's see what 2009 will do.

Roper3163613d ago

in no particular order my faves from 08 were.......

Fallout 3

Valkyria Chronicles

GeOW 2


Burnout Paradise

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